Kurt Angle Continues To Petition For Olympic Wrestling - Says This Will Affect Young Wrestlers

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Kurt Angle spoke with WTAE: Pittsburgh on the recent news that Olympic Wrestling will be dropped from the Olympic events starting in 2020. Kurt mentions wrestling is the oldest sport and it will hurt countries even more than the United States. The video can be seen here.

He also says the young wrestlers may go for the World Championships or the MMA instead of going to the Olympics. This video can be seen at this link.

  • I don’t care much for olympic wrestling but it’s been around literally forever so it would be BS to get rid of it

  • IlyasG

    Never been a fan of Olympic Wrestling but taking it out is absurd, almost as nonsense as leaving out Rugby. How the hell can you discontinue these sports and keep disciplines such as Equestrian Dressage? No offense to equestrian fans but disciplines such as dressage are really far from actual sports.

  • lee

    whats more sad about it is the there replacing it with GOLF.