Kurt Angle Cuts Promo About Failed Olympic Comeback Attempt

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Kurt Angle cut a promo at Saturday's TNA "Basebrawl" live event in Washington, Pennsylvania about his attempt to return to the Olympics this year that ended in injury. You can watch it embedded in the video below:

  • Ray

    But yet years ago he was bragging “I won a hold medal with a broken frigen neck”

    • Hillbilly Jim

      Hmmm, if that was a promo, sounded like i needed to call the waaaa-bulance maybe that’s why he’s in TNA. U suck, u suck u suck.

    • Andrew

      he was a lot younger there and he has a new family to think about

  • Feel for him

  • hurrigame

    Completely agree with the first post. When he was in WWE, Kurt bragged about winning a gold medal with “a broken freakin’ neck” and now he whines about injury stopping him? Really, Kurt? REALLY?

    • urnemystic

      do you understand what a promo is? he was 16 years younger when he competed with a broken neck.

  • jmac0313

    It was 16 years ago when he had the neck injury….. He is much older now and probably can’t deal with the pain as easily!

  • Shawn

    That’s why they take drugs like pain killers