Kurt Angle Discusses Return Attempt To The Olympics

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TimesUnion.com has a new article online promoting tonight's TNA Impact Wrestling house show from the Times Union Center in Albany, New York. The piece features quotes from Kurt Angle. Below is an excerpt:

“TNA has given me their blessing” to pursue the Olympic dream, he says. “I’m more of a part-time (pro) wrestler now.”

“I haven’t toned down my style in the (pro) ring,” says Angle, “but I toned down the danger level.” He has a long-term contract with TNA and intends to return to it full-time — before the Olympics if he doesn’t make the team, after if he does.

“If I don’t hit a certain number of (appearances), I’ll make it up the next year,” Angle says. “And if I don’t hit enough that year, I’ll work the fourth year for free. They’ve been very good to me and I’m very loyal to them. They want me to go for it. They’re not giving me this time off to sit on my a--.”

“I get respect, because of what I’ve done and how hard I’m training now,” he says. “I’m one of America’s greatest Olympic wrestlers of all time, (and) I’m rated one of the greatest college wrestlers ever. Whether I succeed or fail, I believe they’ll all stand up and clap. They’ll say, ‘At least he tried; he did everything possible, and he really went for it.’ ”

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  • ted

    kurt angle is delusional as always. the only way to trust angle is to hook him up to a polygraph machine and then ask him questions. wwe was smart in firing him in 2006. he has not made tna a threat to wwe in any way and since he is 43 years old now, he never will make tna a threat to wwe becaise physically he is a broken down man.

    • @RatedMKD

      I don't necessarily think WWE was smart to fire him in 2006. I think they would've been better off letting him only work TV and PPV events, maybe give him some time off here and there. Also, put a moratorium on him conducting interviews. Obviously, releasing them hasn't killed them, and it hasn't been the shot in the arm for TNA that a lot of people may have expected. But I'd still rather have seen him stay with Vince and Co.

      Also, I may be splitting hairs here, but polygraph machines aren't trustworthy at all. They don't hold up in court, and if Kurt's delusional, it means he believes what he's saying and would pass with flying colours. Don't mind me, I'm just being pedantic!

    • Marq

      I can guarantee you that there have been plenty of times during the past seven years when Vince has regretted that decision.