Kurt Angle Getting Married This Month; Ric Flair's TNA Non-Compete

- Kurt Angle is getting married to Giovanna Yannotti on July 20th

- Another delay in WWE bringing back Ric Flair is due to him having a non-compete agreement attached to his TNA contract that was terminated on May 11th.

  • Logan_Walker

    is there a set ammount of date for his no complete clause ?

  • Bryan

    So is Flair coming back to WWE a done deal or is it just speculation at this point?

  • eurosario

    Congrates to Kurt.How long is Flair’s non compete clause is going to be for?

  • _JIM_

    How does a no-compete clause effect Flair when he doesn’t actually compete? I guess its more of a do nothing for another company clause. Basically just something to keep the person from appearing on TV, or anywhere else, for another company until the clause expires I guess.

    • Kleck

      That was my thoughts, can he still appear anywhere or is he barred strictly from competing with another promotion? I’d love to see him at the 1000th show

  • vickie's lover

    so he's gonna miss the 1000th episode of Raw???

  • Kevin

    Don't do it Kurt! You haven't been free that long. Give it some time. As for Ric Flair: I respect the man. He's more of an icon than Hogan will ever be. But it's time for Flair to retire. He needs to work on his personal life. Either get his problems with his wife fixed, or get rid of her. I'm sure he's not the easiest man to live with. Ric, I know you probably don't read this, but in case you do: Please get away from wrestling (at least for a little while) and get your personal affairs in order. You'll be much better off for it, and when you come back to the wrestling world, you'll be able to completely devote your mind to the business, and BE THE MAN again.