Kurt Angle Guarantees He'll Make Olympic Team; Says Randy Orton & Jack Swagger Using His Moves Is Disrespectful

The New York Post has a new article online featuring quotes from Kurt Angle. In it, he reveals he'll be working with a "Bulgarian guy" on TNA's upcoming tour of England to keep him sharp. However, that was not by any means Angle's most interesting comment. In the piece, he guarantees he will earn a spot on the United States Olympic wrestling team and calls Jack Swagger and Randy Orton disrespectful. Below are the highlights:

“I’ve been wrestling professionally for 12 years and I have been training for the Olympics for seven months. It’s going really well,” Angle told The Post. “I can guarantee that I will either make the Olympic team or be an alternate. I will go over to London and represent my country.”

“Thank God TNA has backed me up. They have supported me. They gave me 25 days a month to train [for the Olympics],” Angle said.

“When Jack Swagger copies my ankle lock and Randy Orton does my Angle Slam, it’s disrespectful,” Angle said. “I didn’t come up with the Ankle Lock, Ken Shamrock came up with the Ankle Lock but I waited until he retired to do the Ankle Lock. That company has no respect for me.”

“I love Vince McMahon. He came up with the Kurt Angle character,” Angle said. “He ran with it and then I was able to run with it. I thank him for the opportunity he gave me. Vince McMahon was one of my best friends, period. Now I’m loyal to Dixie Carter.”

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  • [email protected]@WWE

    oh grow up!

    • Van

      I know.like Randy Orton said,moves are moves.nobody owns them.Candice Michelle decided to do a version of the Killswitch calling it the Candywrapper but Christian didn't get on the internet saying "she stole my move!how dare she disrespect me for doing it!"

    • Dufus

      If Ken Shamrock went online and complained about Kurt Angle stealing his ankle lock then Kurt will see how childish complaining is. Kurt was saying he is training for a chance at MMA and now his focus is on the Olympics, he must have ADD or something as he doesn't stay focused on something for very long.

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    It would be disrespectful if they let Randall and Swagger use those moves, while Angle was actually in the freaking company. He's not, he's down south, he has no legitimate patient, or copyright claim on those moves. It's not as if fans have signs or express dissatisfaction at those moves being used by two guys not named Kurt Angle. Furthermore, I think WWE has respect for Angle. At least some respect, because if there was none, they wouldn't even mention him in DVD stuff. Most recently the King of the Ring set. Randall uses the Angle Slam usually, not always, and never as a finisher. Swagger uses the Ankle Lock, while definitely reminding of Kurt Angle, is still a finishing move that accentuates Swagger's pure wrestling skill, particularly the submission game.

    Sometimes I wish Kurt would shut his yap, and live in a wrestling ring. At least there, he can do little to no wrong in my eyes.

    • Van

      what is he gonna do?sue them for doing his moves?

    • kurt

      It is unreal how guys like Angle think. He should be flattered to be honest. Those moves are not exciting unless someone makes them exciting. I guess Buddy Rogers should have sued Jack Briscoe, Ric Flair, Greg Valentine and ALLLLL the others who used the figure four after him, especially Ric Flair who also took his monicker, "The Nature Boy". Most sane wrestlers look at it as the highest form of flattery. John Cena used the STF while Chris Benoit was still in the WWE, and that was his submission move also. The angle slam looks poor as a finisher, even a back body drop looks more devastating. Maybe Angle's problem lies deeper. Maybe he doesnt have so much of an issue with who uses those moves, as he does with the fact that they make them look better. Angle's version looks like he is in slow motion, while Orton makes it look quick and painfull. Maybe he is just jealous that those guys using "his" moves still have their hair.. Maybe it is as simple as Angle is still drunk. Sober up fool. He is starting to sound like the same guys who hold new guys down so he can stay in the spotlight that he used to complain about doing when he was on his way up…oh wait, NO ONE held him back, they pushed him to the moon in both organizations. Well guess what Angle, you deserved the pushes you got. You delivered, Now its others turns to do so. Gawd, how many moves are used in every match that were created by someone else? I dont think every move done in every match has never been done before. That headlock, Angle? done before. That hip toss? yep same. Arm bar? you guessed it! Every move in wrestling is copied! Thats wrestling! The whole game is based upon who can use established wrestling hold better! OMG!!! Can you put together a series of established moves better than your opponent? If you can, you will! Thats what its supposed to be about. 99% of the moves you use are being used by other wrestlers NOW!! But you want to separate what moves should be commonly used by everyone, and which ones shouldnt? Your "finishers" are common moves that you and the promoter decided would be your finishers! If you didnt like that concept, then you should have applied for a patent, and or a copywright on them. You didnt. McMahon does, even the term "Future endeavored" was copywrighted by the WWE. Sober up fool, and quit bitching, concentrate on your dreams, and go for it. You have done so much for wrestling, quit tarnishing your legacy with such stupidity. 'Nuff said

      • Skip

        …”while Chris Benoit was still in the WWE”? Lmao dude your saying this as if Chris Benoit is still alive abd went to TNA or Japan. He’s dead. he killed himself and his family. He’s a murderer suicider!

  • Hitman310

    Is he joining the Women's devision of the olympics?

    • Matt Scott

      Grow up

      • Matt Scott

        The guy basically calls Angle a girl, lame joke, and I get disliked for pointing out its childish and immature?

        • Hitman310

          can someone get this guy his pacifier??

        • H.M.

          It's the end of the world! D:

  • MsMojoRisin

    no move is off the table in the wrestling world

  • eddd

    the move thing is a bit ridiculous i mean seriously its just plain goofy to limit yourself to certain moves just because someone else does them.. in a different company at that, its not like the copying your gimmick.. john cenas finisher was originally just a move that was meant to be a modified copy of brock lesnars move cuz they had a feud i doubt lesnar ever complained or would if he ends up returning.

  • Cortedivoire Kenya

    Randy has success surpassed ur success!! Jack is also gonna do it!!

  • Patrick_Peralta

    McCool used to use AJ Styles move the Style's Clash.. and while Fans were upset over it. Styles himself said he was fine with it and had no problems with her useing the move.

    Former TNA triple-crown champion, AJ Styles has finally done it. The TNA star has finally responded to claims that WWE Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool stole his finisher, the ‘Styles Clash’. And well, sorry to disappoint the lynch squad but Styles’ response isn’t quite what you’d expect…

    " Gail Kim’s one of my really good friends, and I asked her about that and we talked about it and she (McCool) does do my move, but I’m flattered that she would think to use that move. It doesn’t bother me at all. I guess it might be different if a guy was doing it and calling it something else.

    The fact of the matter is this. People know it. That’s the Styles Clash. That’s my move. I came up with it on my own. It’s okay. I understand, you gotta come up with something and there’s not a lot of moves in the world. It’s hard to be different. But it’s cool with me. Now it would be different if it was a guy in my own company."

    so maybe Kurt Angle should quiet complaining, AJ Style's didn't have any issues with McCool useing his move when she was in Wrestling. Maybe Angle should just learn from AJ Styles.

  • Philip Thompson

    Most people who know about wrestling know that Kurt Angle, on some levels, is the best wrestler in the world – he just undermines that when he runs his mouth, although it may just be his opinion that any publicity is good publicity and that he's speaking as the Kurt Angle 'character' and not as himself. If somebody copied my moves I'd see it as a complement and I wouldn't be surprised if he does too and he's deliberately trying to build heat in case he ever ends up back in WWE – which I'm sure he'd be happy to do if he thought they were going to use him properly and give him the schedule that he wanted. I don't think he'd want to sign for WWE and end up doing jobs on Superstars to Andy Levine.

  • soul

    Ken shamrock=Ankle Lock.

  • David

    If I'm not mistaken, didn't Kurt Angle use to do the moonsault while in the WWE? Well that was Lita's finishing move and they were in the company at the same time. So was he disrespectful to LIta?

    • Matt Scott

      A lot of people use the moosault dude.

      • David

        My point was Kurt Angle is just being stupid.

  • Tom

    Is Kurt being another drunken douchebag again? Does he ever stop?

  • Oldfanmike

    Go get the gold Kurt!!

  • christopher525

    It amazes me just how absurd this drug addled lunatic has become. Let this be a lesson kids, HGH and pain killers are BAD news. Don't add alcohol either, that will make it even worse. Triple H didn't raise hell when Sick Boy did the Pedigree, so what's the big deal? There are only so many moves that can be done in wrestling. Kurt needs to get over himself. He said he loves Vince and that he was a good friend but now he's loyal to Dixie. That'll last until he gets fired for some reason or another, then we can all see how "loyal" he truly is. Also, the Olympic thing, it's not going to happen. He may be able to buy an alternate slot or something, but he will NOT compete. Wish he could get in there against a guy like Cael Sanderson, he'd get his happy ass pinned down in seconds.

  • Ubereem

    Kurt hasn't got a chance of making the US Olympic team.! As great a wrestler as he was in his day, there's no way 'seven months' is enough to make the ground up on guys who have been training daily for the last 4+ years for this opportunity.

    These guys are completely dedicated to the sport & training for the chance to represent there country in the olympics is there life.. if Kurt Angle was really serious about this then he would've quit TNA 2 years ago & dedicated himself to training for it! He's either completely delusional or it's just a publicity stunt.

  • MonsterMike42

    I find it interesting that Kurt said he waited until Ken Shamrock had retired before he used the Ankle Lock. That's somewhat true. Shamrock returned to wrestling and Kurt didn't stop using it. So is he disrespecting Shamrock? Btw, the company Ken Shamrock was working for while Kurt Angle was in WWE, it was TNA.

  • bntafa

    check on youtube…angle has done the rko before

  • thatguy

    he is loyal until the money talks or is given exactly what he wants

  • stoney

    Angle needs to know his role and shut his mouth

  • Matt

    A list of wrestlers that have used otheer wrestlers move
    The Miz Skull Crushing Finale= Chris Jericho breakdown
    Sting's scorpiuon deathlock = Sharpshooter
    Eddie Guerro frog splash = Art Barr frog splash = RVD 5 star frog splash
    Sheamus Celtic Toss= Scott Hall's Razors Edge/ Outsiders Edge
    Eugene copying every WWE legend's move

  • Hardy

    I’d better watch out then, I use the angle slam on wwe 12 lmao, he needs to realise that they are moves that other people may use. And like said before I think he should see it more as a respectful thing to him.

  • Joey

    Is he really still talking about that?????? come on Kurt grow up…its not disrespect!!!!! in my eyes they are honoring you by doing those moves so come on Kurt get over it

  • Jeremy

    Okay lets see all the moves Kurt stole from people that were still wrestling in the same company or are still wrestling. He stole Benoit's triple german suplexes and was using them at the same time as Benoit in the same company. He started using the moonsault, and lets see in the WWE alone at that time Lita, Essa Rios, Matt Hardy, Chris Jericho, and several others were using a version, then u have Hugh Morrus, and a lot of cruiserweights in WCW and of course the innovator of the move The Great Muta who was wrestling for WCW at the time of Kurt's debut for the WWE. Overhead Belly to Belly suplex which was being used by both The Steiner Brothers in WCW. European uppercuts from William Regal in both WCW and in the same company as Kurt in the WWE. Ankle Lock which he started using when Ken Shamrock was not officially retired as Kurt claims. There are others but Kurt is a complete idiot and in his own words was being disrespectful to every single person that he did the same thing too. It is funny that he is not saying that Davey Richards who uses the Ankle Lock as one of his finishers and Charlie Haas who uses the Angle Slam in ROH aren't being disrespectul, cuz Kurt is just a complete moron and should learn to shut his mouth.