Kurt Angle & His Run For The Olympics - Looking To Regain His Youth, Is He Clean Of PEDs?

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Fox Sports has a new article online on Kurt Angle's one last bid to compete at the Olympics this year. Angle's manager and close friend David Hawk is quoted in the piece along with Angle. Below are some excerpts:

David Hawk comments...

“It’s this crisis in his mind, thinking, ‘I’m not Kurt Angle anymore; I’m Kurt Angle, this character on TV,’” says David Hawk, Angle’s manager and close friend. “But Kurt Angle was real once ...

“He needs to prove it not to the world but to himself,” Hawk continued. “He wants to regain his youth, prove he’s still there and still has it.”

Kurt Angle comments...

“God has really shown me how to stay focused in these really horrible times of turmoil,” Angle says. “I think that I’ve used that as motivation. You can either step out of it, go beyond your expectations, or curl up into a shell and say, you know what? This happened, and this is my excuse. I’m not that kind of guy.”

“As far as being clean, I would not go to the Olympic trials and put myself in jeopardy to get tested positive," Angle says. “All I have to do is show up, take the drug test, it’ll show there’s nothing in my system.”

Click here to read the full article.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader David Snay for sending us the link.

  • Alex

    If Kurt is serious about the olympics, then he's gotta take a break from TNA wrestling. He's going to get hurt again.

  • Dave Barton

    I’ve held my tongue on this one for a long, long time, but wasn’t Kurt getting steroid (cortizone) shots in his neck so he could compete in the 1996 Olympics? With or without a prescription, he was still taking a PED then, and chances are he’s got prescriptions for PEDs now.

    • BigMike

      getting a prescription for shots to his neck for the injury he sustained is a completely different than what happened with Johnson in 1988

  • Dangerous Lee

    It’s a known fact Olympic competitors use steroids or some form of it. they get around it somehow.

    • BigMike

      yeah right they test not only for HGH steroids and other PED they also test for masking agents that are used the Olympic tests are VERY hard if not impossible to beat and they also test more than once u ever heard of a "B" sample?