Kurt Angle Injured During Impact Taping

Kurt Angle either suffered a new injury or aggravated a pre-existing groin injury during a match taped for the December 20th episode of Impact Wrestling on Monday night. The bout was against Devon and afterwards the referee threw up the X signal and Angle was helped to the back.

Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks mentioned the injury in his spoiler report but thought it was storyline.

The fact Angle went into the match with a hurt groin and he didn't work on Tuesday night leads me to believe there was more to it. Angle wrote the following on Twitter Wednesday evening:


  • It’s ok, he’s a cyborg…

    • William Shatner

      Dude needs a hardware upgrade then…

  • Robert

    Couldn’t see much holding angle back anyway even at this point in his career

  • Stephen

    Angle needs to take a month or two off. Have him get jumped by Ace's & 8's and give him a break. It sucks now but it will benefit Tna and Angle in the long run.

  • hurrigame

    After watching TNA rape the X signal to death in the past, I’d have found it hard to believe Kurt would be injured. However, if it’s on WNW, it’s legit.