Kurt Angle - "Jerry Brisco Made A Mockery Out Of Me"

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Kurt Angle was scheduled to be inducted into the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame at the Dan Gable Museum this weekend but backed out of the appearance due to a prior commitment.

Gerald Brisco ended up auctioning Angle's award off for $250. Angle angrily responded on Twitter. The following is from Angle's official Twitter account:

A couple hours later, Angle calmed down and wrote the following:

  • AnnO

    I read Jim Ross’s tweet about this and thought it was a joke. That Briscoe actually did this is rather tactless.

  • Logan_Walker

    It Seamed Like a Joke ? So Kurt Angle Doesn't Get Jokes

  • Eric

    It Really Bugs Me When People Write Sentences Like This.

    Is it really that hard to write correctly? Glad I don't follow Kurt on Twitter.

    • XKonn247

      I did. But he blocked me. Seems critIque isn’t something Kurt can fathom
      Without throwing his toys out.

  • Tony P.

    Dude, why u even worried about how someone else writes? What are you? The grammar police?

    • Tony P.

      Theres another Tony P. On here? Lol

    • UltimateOmega

      What are you? The grammar police hater?

  • Dre

    The award could not have meant that much to Kurt. He had to miss due to TNA obligations a house show he didn't perform on???? or Maybe he was out drunk driving and got lost lol

    • kbunyon

      Actually, Angle stated he was dealing with stuff to do with his wedding. How did you get TNA house show from that?


  • Kevin

    People miss shows like the Grammys and even the Oscars all the time. We don't see their award being auctioned off because they couldn't be there in person to accept it. Perhaps the auctioning of Angle's award was a joke. If so, it was in poor taste. But if Angle and Briscoe are friends, as Angle stated, he should have contacted Jerry first to find out if the story about auctioning the award was true. Then, if it was, he could have settled it privately with Jerry, instead of airing it publicly on Twitter.