Kurt Angle Leaving His Options Open, Daniels Featured, Styles On ROH Return

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- Kurt Angle's comments about his contract with TNA Wrestling expiring in September 2014 are nothing new. It's something he's mentioned many times and the fact he's leaving his options open is what he should be doing.

- Christopher Daniels was featured on "Up at Noon" at this link.

- Ring of Honor posted a video promo of AJ Styles commenting on his return to the promotion at this link.

  • Ricky

    With all the crap he’s spouted about WWE since joining TNA. I don’t see Angle going back to WWE

    • Mysterion

      Oh god we’re in 2006 again, aren’t we? Keep up man. He’s been putting them over big recently. (last 2-3 years)

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I think Kurt wants to stop at TNA, he’s just saying that to get TNA to try and keep him, but with added $$$

    • Rus

      Which is totally understandable, TNA will only have themselves to blame if he leaves TNA like a lot of the roster is talking about doing or already have done

  • _JIM_

    I hope Kurt goes back to WWE for a retirement run like Batista is now. It would be nice to see Kurt back where he belongs. In the big leagues. TNA was a good fit for him for the past however many years because of the extremely limitted schedule. It was good for his body not to have to work that insane WWE schedule. But he could come back on a part-time schedule and work only TV’s and PPV’s for a year or so and go out where he really should be. I hope that we get to see him on Raw again. That’d be awesome imo.