Kurt Angle Officially Re-Married; Wife Expecting Another Baby

Kurt Angle is now officially re-married to actress Giovanna Yannotti and he announced via his Twitter account they are due to have another baby. Below is the Tweet:

Angle and Yannotii had their first child together on January 22, 2011.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.

  • Ken

    I'll give it 18 months before it's dead. The marriage, I mean…

    • johnnyboy81

      Dude what a douche comment!!!! Who are you to wish someone so much hate? But hey thats the freedom of living in America and being able to post stupid bonehead material. Richard guys like this dont deserve to be on your site. JMO

      • Ken

        You really don't understand sarcasm, do you? I don't wish anyone hate, I just don't think their marriage will last, because of Kurt's recent tendencies to be an out of control nutjob, and was making a dry comment to that effect, the humour behind which you clearly didn't see. But hey, that's the situation when you're American and are unable to understand anything that isn't scripted out for you in words ten feet high in flashing neon.

        And people wonder why the business is in the current creative slump that it's in right now… it's because of people like you who only look at the surface of a situation and are unable to see any sort of simple subtext, let alone complex ones.

  • C’mon guys, grouphug.

  • SWM

    Has nothing to do with being an American or not "getting" your sarcasm. It WAS a douchebag comment, partly because Kurt and the bride have already been together for a decent stretch, partly because you did nothing to indicate it was sarcasm other than resort to that excuse thereafter, and partly because I'd be willing to bet you've never exchanged a word in your entire life with Kurt and are basing your appraisal of his state of mind on what is essentially second-hand "knowledge".

    FYI, I have communicated with Kurt on many occasions, and he's never once come off "loopy" or whatever else his rep suggests.