Kurt Angle On Fox & Friends, TNA's 10-Year Anniversary Plans, Tara Pitches Former WWE Diva

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- Kurt Angle is scheduled to be a guest on Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel tomorrow morning.  The show airs weekdays at 6 AM EST.

- TNA Impact Wrestling have begun making plans for the company's ten year anniversary culminating with the Slammiversary pay-per-view in June.  Dixie Carter noted on her Twitter account the meetings started this week in Nashville.

- Tara has reportedly pitched Jillian Hall to TNA officials in hopes of landing her work with the company.

  • snuggle

    They should bring back the king of the mountain match.

    • nicholas

      Feast and Fired briefcase

  • Vince

    Raws 20th anniversary around the summer
    Tna 10th annuversary around the summer
    WWE vs TNA

    • Van

      what Tara doesn't know is if Jillian does become a knockout,it's a lose/lose situation just like if Melina came to TNA as well.either Jillian will get a push to becoming Knockout's Champion around her first year in the company causing the other knockouts to be pushed back further than they were before(fore xample Velvet was Knockout's Champion for the first time in her career then Gail Kim returns to TNA and takes it from her at the next PPV) or she'll just be wrestling there with no future making people wonder why she went to TNA in the first place

  • Brandon P

    raws 20th anniversery is not until January of next year

  • lbp365

    First Jillian waste of money, second WWE started planning last year see hoe TNA is when it comes to promoting is always behind.

  • Kevin

    As long as Eric Bischoff has anything at all to do with TNA, it will NEVER – and I mean N E V E R – be able to stand up to WWE. Eric is the reason WCW fell; what makes anyone think he can help TNA? He's doing the same thing with TNA that he did with WCW: he's getting old talent that WWE has released and trying to use their names to boost his promotion. He should be getting younger talent and building them into wrestling's future. Look at WWE: Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, just to name a couple. I was totally SHOCKED when Daniel Bryan won MITB; even more so when he actually cashed in the briefcase and took the belt from the Big Show. I'm totally blown away that he has kept the belt this long. But it's a good thing; I never dreamed a guy like Bryan would be pushed to the top at all, let alone so quickly. If TNA would work their promotion like that they'd have a chance of becoming as great as WWE.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    As long as Jillian does NOT sing, please.
    Next stop for Kurt: ROBIN MEADE.
    Is TNA gonna bring back the old crew who started this company and made it decent the first coupla years?