Kurt Angle Provides An Update On Jesse Sorensen, Spike TV President At Impact, Taping Results Coming Soon

Kurt Angle Tweeted that Jesse Sorensen is moving his arms and legs. He said the doctor’s are projecting a one year recovery time frame. Angle says he’ll be back in four months. As of this writing the Tweet is no longer featured on Angle’s page.

– Spike TV President Kevin Kay was at last night’s Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida.

– We’ll have full Impact Wrestling taping results for tonight online shortly.

  • havoc525

    Kurt should just go ahead and close his twitter account down. He’s seriously mentally delusional.

  • Coopapalooza

    To be fair that’s not a helpful comment at all. Great news about mr Sorensen but I guess it’s one day at a time right now. Doesn’t need to be worrying about wrestling.

    • Coopapalooza

      I mean Angle’s tweet by the way

  • Chris Copeland

    I'm scared for Sorensen, a bad neck injury that young is horrible and I bet Zema feels horrible too. Just a terrible situation. Get better Jesse!

  • AJG316

    Am I the only 1 wondering where angle will b 4 the next 4 month?????? He isn't injured the last time I checked

    • Shea

      He’s training for the Olympics

    • Jay

      He said Jesse will be back in 4 months, not that angle is going for 4 months

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003405738483 Muztofa

        The reason most of you itdios think he is on roids is because you guys come from shitty genetics. I am just as big as Overeem and I dont take roids and I been accused of roids as well.. Dont be jealous because you phags are weak gay and have weak azz genetics..idiot haters!!!

  • BigMike

    Im sure Zema((sp?)) feels bad but accidents happen and at least he is moving I mean a few years back in a match between Droz(( Darren Drozdof-sp?)) and D-Lo Brown Brown tried to do a running Liger Bomb but tripped and it broke Droz neck and he is still in a wheelchair as a result and Brown was never quite the same after this (( this happened before he was in TNA the first time )) accidents happen and its dangerous but I know none of them would trade it