Kurt Angle Provides Update On 2012 Olympic Goals

Kurt Angle posted the following update on his plans to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games on his Twitter account:

"I'm Already Qualified for final Olympic trials In June. But I Will Official Enter Olympic trial Qualifier Tourney in April in Iowa!I'm Ready

A Big thank You to Tna and NYAC, As My Sponsors and Club I Will Represent In Olympic trials! I Will Not Let You Down. GOD Bless."

  • Mike L

    I'm really worried about this. I hope Kurt is safe, and feel that he should be a coach or trainer, rather than a competitor. His vast knowledge could help the younger and smaller members of the team improve, and compete, against their larger opponents.

    Also, love the new design, is a lot easier to get around!

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    I still hope Kurt Angle goes on and win another gold medal. It would solidify the statement as fact, that Kurt Angle is the greatest wrestler that has ever lived. Not the greatest man though, with a 2011 year of screwing up with the law, to prove that right.

  • xjcms

    kurt angle with gold metal olympics makes him the greatest wrestler in the world, his performance at wwe and tna makes him the greatest wrestler ever bar none, he's just as good entertaining and light years ahead of any wrestler in-ring ability, if he wins another gold metal be the greatest athlete in any sport.

  • Jim

    This would be a near super human accomplishment if Kurt was able to make this Olympic team at his age, and with his neck injury history. I'm not sure if that would show that the competition isn't really as good as it should be. Or if he's just that good still. Either way it's still an amazing story if he does make the team. I'd still be super impressed even if he only made it as an alternate. Remember. Randy Couture never made it past being an alternate. Even in his prime.

  • cj evarts

    Angle has great in ring skills and ability but his mic skills are terrible. He can't cut a promo to save his life. I honestly don't think he will make it all the way his body is in rough shape compared to the other athletes out there in the world competing. Wrestling in the Olympics is a lot different then wrestling in WWE/TNA and a lot has changed since 1996.

  • @RatedMKD

    Kurt's known for his tall tales. As much as I love the man (I agree with Chapel of Ghouls in saying that he's the greatest wrestler that ever has lived), I have to take his soundbites with a grain of salt… I do wish him all the best in the Olympics, though. I'm not remotely keen on sports, but Kurt winning more medals in the Olympics would spur a serious mark-out moment.

  • christopher525

    Any chance this is like his having "already passed all physicals for the UFC" and having been on the verge of a deal with them? Also, to those claiming he's the "greatest wrestler ever" you're WAY off. He's not even the greatest amateur/olympic wrestler, much less "pro" wrestler. If you want to see the best in the amateur or olympic styles, hit up a guy named Cael Sanderson.