Kurt Angle Says He Has A 50/50 Chance At Olympics

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Kurt Angle posted an update on Twitter regarding his torn hamstring that could cost him a chance at an Olympic comeback:

  • Paul

    It’s been 16 years since kurt won a gold medal where he broke his neck…….. Since then he has had a 13 year professional wrestling career, i would say it’s less than 50/50 kurt but I do wish him good luck!

  • christopher525

    Right now, my job as a pretend wrestler is more important than making history, yep, makes sense to me.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Lol. so the chances of him making it to the Olympics were 100%, then it was little to no chance, and now it’s 50/50….

    • rutger32

      I think that he wants to say he has a 50% chance to get fit for the Trials.

  • Andrew

    Isn’t the Olympics for amateurs?! He is a professional wrestler! Surely he should let his place go to a younger up and coming wrestler

    • Abe

      wow not sure why the hate for you, you hit the nail on the head, angle needs to step back realize he'd be hurting not only his team but his country by doing this

      • Paul

        If he was genuinely still the best amateur wrestler in the American then he should go for it but at his age and after injuries I don’t see how still can be. The younger guys will be faster and probably stronger and be just as good technically.