Kurt Angle Says He Has A Torn Hamstring, May Not Go To The Olympics

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Kurt Angle told TMZ that he sustained a torn hamstring during an Olympic training session this morning. He is scheduled to undergo an MRI to fully access the damage tomorrow.

Angle told the celebrity gossip publication, "I still plan on going [to the Olympics] ... I've been training for a whole year now ... so it all depends on how it heals ... but if this tear is really bad, there's a chance I may not go."

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  • Gesusoliver

    I have got alot of heat for my love for him to try again. I am a big fan of the olympics. My life basically goes on hold for it lol I will be bummed if he can't preform. I think it would be great to watch him again.

  • Wayne

    I think his age and lifestyle is keeping him from the Olympics.

  • Paul

    That’s a shame for him but i don’t think at his age he could compete against the best wrestlers in the world like he could in 1996, it’s 2012 now it’s been 16 years since he won a gold medal, he should just stick to what he can do and try not to cause himself any more serious injury.

  • Jamie

    So he be a participant in the olympics with a broken neck but not a torn hamstring?

  • ted

    kuyrt angle is a pathological liar. he has zero chance at making the olympic team at age 43. he is a braggart just like has been hogan who claimed that he was going take tna to the top of the mountain.

  • Alex

    Just for a good April Fools Day Joke, Kurt should've said he was officially going to the Olympics.