Kurt Angle Says Lockdown Match Is Biggest Test Since Brock Lesnar At Wrestlemania With His Neck

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Kurt Angle plans to work against Jeff Hardy at tomorrow night's TNA Lockdown pay-per-view in Nashville. Angle is already in Nashville and is participating in the company's fanfest to promote the show.

Angle recently revealed he has a torn hamstring and partial MCL tear, ending his comeback attempt for the 2012 Olympics in London. He wrote the following today on Twitter:


  • John Strunbull

    Sorry Kurt, but it's really hard to believe what you've said these days…

  • Aldin94

    Ok when did he get injured ?

  • Brandon Ceielo

    I really wish he wouldn't push himself like this and allow himself to heal. Didn't he quit WWE because they were working him too hard?

  • A.J.

    If he won his first medal with a broken freaken neck winning another medal with a torn hamstring should not be a problem

    • WNW Fan

      Not if he was 15 to 20 years younger then at the time