Kurt Angle Says TNA Could Be Competing With WWE In 5 Years, Addresses His Future

Kurt Angle did an interview with Chicago Now to promote Thursday's Impact Wrestling tapings in the city. Below is an excerpt:

Impact Wrestling is slowly becoming a more main stream show to the general audience. With the WWE always being the focal point how do you feel Impact Wrestling will be in 5 years and be comparable to the top company in professional wrestling?

It continues to grow no doubt worldwide. We are on the road for good and we are taking little steps to improve the overall product. I believe in 5 years if things are done right we could be competing with the monster (WWE). They have amazing programming and Vince McMahon has done wonders for his product. I have been in Impact Wrestling for 7 years and I thought by now we would be up in the ratings. I believe that’s going to take a little more time.

You have said repeatedly that you want to retire from the ring in 3 years. Is that something that you still want to hold yourself to?

I might be involved in some way but not in the ring. I might have a part time schedule where I do some selected shows, which I can handle. If I decide to do that I won’t announce my retirement.

But I’m going to give TNA the next 3 years of my absolute best and see what happens.

Angle also speaks on the IOC's decision to drop wrestling from the 2020 Olympics and discusses his WWE past. Click here to read the piece in its entirety.

  • Paul

    He’ll be back in WWE before 5 years!

    • John

      Kurt Angle is 44 years old & his body has been through hell over the years.. your crazy if you think he is even going to be wrestling in 5 years let alone in WWE.

    • Alex P

      I would love to see him back in the WWE, but he’s definitely starting to break down. I mean he’s still great and wrestling at a great level, but his body definitely has to be wearing lol

  • If TNA truly decided to compete with WWE, they would fail. They don’t have smart enough people working for the company You can count their GOOD talent on one hand. Frankly, I”m shocked they’re still in business

    • Ou812

      They’ll compete once the Rock and lesnar are gone and raw loses half it’s audience

      • They will still get around a 3.0 rating. Something TNA has never managed

  • SickOfItAll

    They already tried competing and they failed when they tried moving to mondays. They can’t even garner anywhere close to a 2.0 rating or compete with SD! What makes anyone think they’ll ever compete with WWE. Even though they’re have more political bs than DC, they still have talent they are actually doing something with and they have the future in NXT. What does TNA have? OVW? OVW hasn’t been good since they had ties with WWE. Besides whatever happened to the gut check winners? Most are still stuck in OVW just wasting away. All the while the Hogans are taking up airtime of the wrestlers who actually do something and not just show how bad their acting is or how short their skirt can be….except for tramps like Velvet Sky who would’nt be their if they didn’t have perverts lust over her and Miss Titsmacher who by the way has a manly face. Huge fan of Kurt but he’s slowly deteriorating not only his body but his career.

  • Brentos22

    Sounds like angle is back on the drink, Dilusional!

  • Kacie

    I dunno. He might be on to something. If WWE continues to have sucky, boring, predictable storylines and TNA gets more exciting, interesting storylines, it might just happen. Now do I think it’ll last? Of course not. But something needs to happen because WWE is just going downhill. Their product sucks.

  • not with the lame ass aces and eights storyline they wont be competing with WWE–only 3 decent members of aces and eights(Taz & Dudley Boys) rest of the group sucks,they were fired from WWE.TNA really hasta stop relying on Aces and Eights only storyline