Kurt Angle Says WWE Is Knocking On His Door; WWE Hiring On-Air Announcer

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- Kurt Angle has been asked on Twitter about the Royal Rumble and claims WWE is knocking on his door. The following is from his official Twitter account:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Fernando for sending this in.

- WWE is looking to hire an on-air announcer that will based out of Stamford, Connecticut with travel once a month. The official career website of the company has included tryout scripts in the job listing. If interested, click here. (Thanks to WNW reader Logan Walker for sending this in.)

  • Wwe4L76

    I dont like Kurt any more. Stay in TNA old man. Wwe would destroy you

    • Da KiDD

      Man….F*ck Kurt Angle. He's like a little girl to me now

  • JakShowtime

    But he also said a few days ago to JR "You Will Call My Last Match. Somehow. Love You."

  • outkazt09

    As much I would love for him to come back, I think he is lying. Why would the WWE ask him while he is under TNA contract?

    • HPK

      I don't know…Why do They induct Flair and The 4 Horsemen into the HOF when under TNA contract ?!?
      Why did They advertise Mick Foley's "Countdown to Lockdown" Book when He was with TNA ?!?
      VKM is just an ignorant prick who thinks He is invincible…or is that in"vince"ible ?? LOL !!!!!

  • Hitman310

    Ok Richard, he keeps saying he is loyal to TNA and i can understand why because he is under contract. So my question to you is when his contract is up do you see him coming back to WWE?

    • Kleck

      Didn’t he just get an extension with TNA this fall?

  • Matt Scott

    Why am I struggling to believe Angle. He's just talking more crap!

  • @RatedMKD

    Wonder if WWE's knocking on his door the same way he passed a UFC physical.

  • Mike

    He must have been hacked again…It's a conspiracy!

  • Riedel82

    Kurt will indeed come back but not till next year with sting leaving he’s just trying to bilk more money out of Tna for one more year, why would he leave Tna he gets paid awesome and works one day A week, plus he’s training for the olympics so he needs all the freedom he can get that Vince won’t give him, he is a king in Tna , in wwe he wouldn’t, could be wrong maybe he is playing possum

    • HPK

      TNA picked up stream when Kurt Angle joined on 06', Yall !!! It is the truth !!!

      • Da KiDD

        Yep……TNA picked up steam alright…….talk about Ratings MONSTER……….yippee -_-

        • Matt Scott

          Made me laugh as hard as Truth last night

        • HPK

          That was back when the Beautiful People , Awesome Kong , and the Main Event Mafia were still together !!! The ratings weren't the greatest , but TNA was more watchable then when Hogan , Bischoff ,
          and Dick Rash…sorry LOL…Flair hopped aboard and started molding the company into their outdated vision of what wrestling should be !!! Nash and Steiner were/are two jackoffs who should not be employed by ANY company !!! Let's get either or both Paul Heyman or Jim Cornette in TNA and show VKM and HHH how the fuck it's done in the "wrestling" world !!!

  • gpturbo81

    just remember jericho said he wasn't behind those vids and look what happened

    • Eric

      You have a good point. Jericho said he was done with WWE and low and behold Y2J made his triumphant return to the WWE. Y2J didn't want to "spill the beans" with his return. If Kurt Angle is saying he is loyal to TNA, that pretty much means that he will be back at the Royal Rumble, possibly as #29 or #30.

  • matt

    Kurt has really started to develop an atrocious ego in the last couple of years, he's overstayed his welcome in TNA