Kurt Angle Teases Career In Politics

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Kurt Angle teased on Twitter a future career in politics. We take everything Angle says with a grain of salt but it's entertaining nonetheless:

  • Logan_Walker

    He’s hacked.

    • Miss D Meaner

      As in his account has been hacked, or is hacked a new synonym for drunk?

  • Ken

    I can see Kurt's political career going just like Hogan's run for Presidency back in his NWO days, or Bob Backlund's run for whatever it was he supposedly went for, or Lawlwer's run for Mayor of Memphis, or Linda's lamentable Senate run… i.e. it ain't gonna happen.

    That, or 'his account has been hacked'.

  • Dufus

    He wanted to be into MMA then told everyone he was going to the Olympics and now he is saying he wants to enter politics? lame

  • George

    Dang, If really does go into politics his campaign slogan should be "It's true! It's true!!"

  • Gentleman Jock

    Meds talking

  • spikewestphal

    president angle like the sound of that but will the people of the usa vote for him

  • Somewhere at home, Karen and Jeff Jarret are refreshing their twitter timelines, crying of laughter.

  • Alex Barie

    Should I ask him in my interview? Haha

    • kbunyon

      Brilliant idea!


  • branchtana

    “Two and a half minutes have been allotted to the senator at the podium. He is Congress’s ONLY olympic gold medalist! Pennsylvania’s senator Angle.”

    • George

      And he did it with a broken feakin' neck!!!

  • Austin

    *campaign slogan* “He’ll be in your best interest, even with a BROKEN FREAKIN NECK.