Kurt Angle To CM Punk - If I Ever See You, Hide -----!

Kurt Angle went on a Twitter rampage Monday night taking aim at WWE Champion CM Punk. The following Tweets are from the verified account of Angle:

Just in case Angle deletes them, here are the Tweets hardcoded on the website:

Punk wants to Say Tna Is An Indy League? I Was On top in Wwe when You Were trying to Get a Job Anywhere. It Was My Choice to go to Tna. ...

If I ever See You Punk, Hide Bitch!

  • Matt

    Real Mature because Kurt Angle is irrelevant now and CM Punk is, well, the best in the world.

    • robert

      you're not the best in the world because you have a shirt that says it, cm punk would get taken down tied up like a pretzel before Punk could say i'm john cena's side kick.

      • Aldin94

        I agree.

      • Oh, It's True!

        AGREED! The guy dishes on locker room politics and now he's the greatest wrestler in the world…Give it a rest…Kurt Angle had done it all before CM Punk even knew what his plan was…I'm hoping Angle or Bones Jones crosses his path soon!

      • jdl

        Punk would kick Angle's ass. Angle is a 43 year old man with the body of a man much older, he's decrepit and falling apart from years of abusing himself through drugs and injuries. Punk, on the other hand, is in excellent shape, is nine years younger and is fit. If Angle actually tried something, he'd probably hurt himself.

        • Tom

          Angle is a gold medalist in wrestling, real WRESTLING. He’s bigger, stronger and has more experience then punk. In other words punk would get the shit beaten out of him.

      • Wwe4L76

        Haha 🙂 kurt would own cm-punk. Cm-punk headlines a show for kids and think he is so though…

        • Jhood

          Ha exactly! Punk is on a kiddie show and he thinks he’s the best in the world because they made him a shirt that says so, what a joke he has became also what a joke of a WRESTLING company Wwe has became

          • Josh

            So true, the Wwe is sorta unwatchable for me now a days, it’s honestly only for kids under the age of 13. If u fans now want to see a Wrestling show u have to tune into Spike Tv at 8 PM on Thursday’s

      • TheAwesome1

        That statement would hold true if it was 1999.

    • Chris

      Hell Kurt is happy to work part time. Punk as been doing full time since I saw him first appear with his gimmick in the new ecw! Bring your ass back to wwe then talk shit angle! Dont do it when you can’t even have a match with the guy

    • Andrew Ace

      Cm punk has nothing on Kurt Angle. Angle would and will wrestle circles around punk. Angle is best in the world

      • Chris

        He is so awesome his wife left him for Jeff Jerret. He couldn’t even make it to the Olympics! He talked up so much hyped about it then awwwww my poor wittle

        • Chris


          • Wwe4L76

            Kurt is THE best wrestlers in the world!

  • Lisa

    When did CM Punk call TNA and indie league (serious question here)

    • Fernando

      I've read he implied it at the Comic Con in Chicago, where he held a Q&A. Someone asked what indy wrestler would he like to see in the WWE, and he replied Samoa Joe, implying he thinks TNA is an indy league.

      • christopher525

        Ok, since Samoa Joe was one of the main people working with him on the indie scene, how is that a shot at TNA? It looks to be more of people (especially the drug addled, drunk, Kurt Angle) reading more into what's said and applying their own meaning to what he said. Pathetic.

        • Stephen

          Here was the actual shot at TNA by CM Punk- -Punk was asked who he would work with if he could work with anyone. He said Samoa Joe. Punk was also asked which wrestler from an independent company he would like to see in the WWE. Punk said Samoa Joe again. The fan said that Samoa Joe works for TNA and Punk said something like: "I know. You said indy didn’t you?"

    • Ben

      At Chicago Comic Con during a Q and A session this past Saturday.

    • kingjamsie

      Chicago Comic Con this past weekend in a Q&A session

  • AB4

    Angle clearly needs to choose stronger passwords for his Twitter account. How many times do you need to get hacked before you throw some capital letters and numerals in there?

    • HRoll

      Hacked is code for getting drunk and talking Crap then regretting it later.

    • Patrick Peralta

      I hate useing passwords with numbers

    • Me.

      UserName: RealKurtAngle
      Password: AlwaysDrunk1

  • RobUK

    Great choice on going to TNA too Angle…

    • Wwe4L76

      Yes 🙂 tna has fantastic wrestling. What wwe calls wrestling to day is not even close to tna… And I tell you that as a big wwe fan for all my life

      • RobUK

        If a tree falls and there is no one around to hear it… Does it still make a sound?

        Apply above to TNA.

        • Wwe4L76

          Sad, but true

  • Mr.Love

    It is Indy basically. Angle you are my fav wrestler in the world!! You and HBK at wrestlemania 21 was my dream match and you both put on a show. But just because you went to tna doesn’t make it that much better, or even close to wwe still. If on a scale of 1 to 10 wwe represents the 10, tna falls at a 4.5, shit roh is a 4.25 and wwe is stale with some of there stories a d tna is still a 4.5. Tna has great talent don’t get me wrong but it’s indys

  • havoc525

    Looks like he’ll have no problem maintaining his future political career. Actually, TNA is your standard indie fed. Young talent that isn’t really well known on the big stage, holding up the old guys trying to keep their ego inflated by pretending to still be relevent.

  • Aldin94

    Angle > Punk
    TNA > WWE

    • Brandon

      Agreed, especially after RAW last night. Besides the triple threat, and the segment to end the show, RAW was incredibly boring. I had a hard time getting through all three hours.

    • hurrigame

      If TNA is so great, the ratings should reflect it. They haven’t pulled in over a 2 since the arrival of the great and powerful Oz aka Hulk Hogan.

  • Frenchfry

    lol good for him

  • Hazmatt23

    Oh that crazy Kirk Angel

    • David F

      Kirk should shut the hell up!!

  • jdl

    Yes, Angle, it was your choice to go to TNA… After Vince canned you for having a drug problem that was beginning to effect your ability to work. You went to TNA by choice where you spent the next few years feeding that drug habit, putting on mediocre matches and generally failing to live up to your time in the WWE. Sure, you've cleaned yourself up and you're close to what you were before, don't kid yourself into thinking that TNA is anything more than the bush leagues.

    • Kevin

      And where is your proof that Kurt Angle had a drug problem? I haven't read anything on that anywhere. Perhaps I just missed it.

  • George Takei

    Clearly he made the wrong choice.

  • ghopkins13

    So is he drunk again?

  • William

    Not for nothing and I like C.M Punk but C.M. Punk wishes he was as talented as Angle!!! I don't know about y'all but I've never seen C.M. Punk have a match quite like Kurt Angle when he was in the WWE, NEVER!!!! C.M. Punk is not even in Kurt Angle's League and never will be!!!!

  • sfffsf

    well if its an indy league, explain to me why lately, im more entertained on thursday nights than mondays. and punk hasnt been exciting since he left for a week or 2 last year.. and his recent epic heel fail attempt was just a big waste

  • Maz

    Angle just trying to create a possible WM match with punk next year, same what y2j did

  • James M>>>

    Angle needs to stay off the juice

  • urnemystic

    He's just doing what Nash is doing, working the marks and getting people talking about him.

  • Jamie

    Its a shame kurt left wwe he’s good at what he does, shame he does it on a show not many people care about

  • SDD619

    Looks like Kurt got hacked again. I wish twitter would just ban him really

  • Blake


  • Jaycee

    Empty words Kurt. Unless he's going to roll back into the WWE and take on CM Punk, all he's doing is putting up empty threats. Then again, he can always claim someone hacked his account again.

  • madsci

    wwe has al the money in the world so there like big leagues tna doesnt have that so ppl cal them indy

    as 1 guy said punk has yet to have a match like angle did that impressed me angle brock, shawn, hhh rock austin
    when they was wrestling angle is stil my fav wrestler and nex to him aj styles punk should know better he came form ROH even smaller than TNA so he shud be glad he made it that far and for the nex guy who said angle didnt have any good matches in TNA has to rely love watchin WWE style or wrestlin Tlkk tlk tlk clothes line, kick punch, lame finisher WIN dats it no technique no skil eg the MIZZ

    • Chris

      Maybe if punk was around and had the chance to wrestler then like angle did then maybe he would have some great matches. Kurt angle is a angry old man who is ranting about stars who Are gonna surpass him and his legacy in so many ways.

      • mad19

        kurt left his legacy as being a top technical wrestler in the world not jus wwe as far as punk matches goes we seen alot and you rare get an impressive match the last matchi saw with punk was daniel bryan who is a great and prob in the top 10 best technical guys there who also came from indy league so even him who have a problem with that statement any 1 who can appreciate wrestling skillz then most ppl who vote for Tna i mean how much time will you wanna see cena and orton win

  • Ryder

    Great the WWE fanboys are here -_-

  • Phill

    If a song is number one in the charts, it doesn't necessarily mean its the best song does it?
    It just means it has the best marketing campaign, the most amount of money behind it. Sales does not indicate quality.

    TNA IS the better Wrestling product right now. No wrestlers getting buried, *mostly* engaging storylines (nothing is perfect) No PG bullshit (when I was a kid, I loved the attitude era, just like I enjoyed watching 18+ films, Grant Theft Auto and listening to Eminem.. and I turned out just fine thanks very much)

    I like CM Punk a lot… but let's get real, TNA is not indy league, it has a growing fanbase worldwide (UK, India, Mexico etc) and Kurt would seriously kick his ass

  • AntGilroy

    Punk trains in MMA fellows with the best MMA has to offer. He won’t lose

  • This shouldn’t be an argument of who can take whom. If Angle was in his prime, it honestly wouldn’t be a question, but he’s not in his prime anymore, so it’s obvious it would be Punk.

    But my main thing is: when did Punk say that TNA is an Indy promotion?

    • Lisa

      At comic con. Someone asked him if he could fight anyone from an independent company and Punk said "Samoa Joe." The fan said that Samoa Joe works in TNA and Punk said "You did say Indie didn't you."

  • Joedell Graciani

    I agree, TNA is very Indy.

  • Nishanth

    Kurt would eat him alive. I understand his gold medal was won 16 years ago, but you don’t lose your skills as you get older. He is still stronger and a better technical wrestler

  • AnacondaVise

    What's TNA?

  • hurrigame

    It amazes me to see just how many people are still riding Kurt's jock today. Yeah, he was a good wrestler, but to say he went to the better company is like saying that Michael Jordan's move from basketball to baseball was an awesome move. As for Punk's comment about TNA being the minors, I agree. Until they can pull in a respectable rating (i.e. above a 2.0), they'll never be competition to WWE. Hell, the last time I can remember them drawing above a 2 was 18 months ago, when Hogan made his return to wrestling and Kurt had a show stealing match with A.J. Styles.

  • Madsci

    angle does MMA training to the guy even train brock for mma as well so skil angle would kill punk no question there

    but until TNa can do better story lines and do big shows as raw and smack do arena every wk den slowly Tna wil become a big name but there stuck with the impact zone ohh well they rich regardless most of us here are not so just enjoy who watch wwe or tna doesnt matter

  • mad19

    angle does MMA training to the guy even train brock for mma as well so skil angle would kill punk no question there

  • Lindsay Marie

    Oh my god people! Angle is just talking smack about Punk on Twitter cuz no one can stop him, but he probably won’t back it up. Twitter is just a cyber-diary.