Kurt Angle vs. EC3 Officially Off Lockdown; Why It Should Have Never Been Announced

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Kurt Angle has officially been pulled from the TNA Lockdown card, nixing the announced steel cage bout against Ethan Carter III.

The storyline is EC3's kayfabe attack "severely injured" Angle's knee. The legitimate reason is Angle underwent arthroscopic knee surgery last month immediately after the European tour.

Angle Tweeted the following:

Ethan Carter III Tweeted the following:

This match should have never been announced. While Angle's arthroscopic knee surgery was originally scheduled for January and bumped up to February so he could make the European tour, the new date was known before the Lockdown match was announced.

Part of me wants to believe TNA went ahead and announced it, hoping Angle would be back but I can't help but be skeptical. If we knew in the middle of January he was a question mark for the pay-per-view, TNA had to have known before then. One of my biggest pet peeves in pro wrestling is advertising something and not delivering.

I realize several episodes of Impact were taped a month ago so it's not like the footage could be changed but why shoot it in the first place? Angle will be back in TNA Wrestling, however, his contract expires in September 2014.

  • Scott Reichart

    I totally Agree. it was even reported when Kurt Had the surgery in February aft the UK tour he was gonna be out a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks. thats would leave the earliest Kurt would have been cleared to return was 2 weeks after lockdown. So TNA knew this. if they wanted to stil build the angle. they could have. but not announce a match which was taped before the surgery but knew wasnt gonna happen at lockdown

    what makes it worse is seeing some wrestling fans on other boards today saying Kurt was planning on attempting to make a go and wrestle at the PPV sunday until ANgle & TNA’s Doctors didnt clear him today.

    but the problem with that is im sure Kurt’s doctors werent gonna clear him no matter what after 4 weeks because i dont think Kurt has even been cleared to start workouts for rehab purposes, and if TNA Doctors would attempt to cleared him and Kurt got hurt. TNA could have possibly been sued by Kurt for medical malpractice for forcing him into a match

    just because it was advertised.

  • Bush. League.

  • Bob’s Diner

    I would be surprised… but this is TNA. They probably see this as some creative swerve!
    I would be annoyed with them, but I actually don’t have much sympathy for anyone willingly paying money to watch TNA

  • live1213

    No they did it to try to b inter-active with fans having Kurt tweet about it right at LOCK DOWN, but they forget hardcore fans are educated(when it comes to wrestling) so it back fired but, the direction seems to b right, but they still rush storylines should have had Jeff or MVP showing them pleading to the board to unsuspend him instead of saying in 3 days he will b at LOCK DOWN and WHERE’s Adam Orthan the gut check guy he was good put a half mask on him and he’s TNA’s Ryback and also Shelton B should b over Kenny King and the Pope if u have one black guy it should b him.

  • BigMike

    I saw Derrick Bateman/EC3 both in NXT and on Impact and he reminds me of David Otunga: USELESS!!!

  • 1molly23

    After all these years of covering professional wrestling – “all y’all” ought to know by now – you just can’t fix stupid! Poor Dixie tries – but with others holding the purse strings – being clueless when it comes to owning/overseeing the contractors, and hiring the wrong pro-wrestling “experts” – she’s bound and determined to send TNA “down the ol’ crapper”.

    • live1213

      I agree and disagree when it come to storylines she need to b owner enough to take it away or go over it and if it come out bad or sound rush to make the decision to stop it in that sense or make changings and live with it I’m sure at old miss. she took up some sort of writing class. But I think she have made moves to keep TNA a float and like Vince i’m beginning to think Jeff could have been a little bit of the problem the show have actually seem a hair bit better since he’s gone.