Kurt Angle's TNA Contract Update

Kurt Angle answered questions to his many Twitter followers Saturday night on his official Twitter account. Someone asked him how long he has left in TNA Wrestling. Kurt's response is embedded below:

Kurt's contract has been discussed many times during the past couple of months. We know Kurt signed a 3 year deal with TNA in 2011. We found out that two of the three years are TNA options. TNA is trying to cut expenses anywhere they can, and one way they are doing it is through performer contracts. They have been negotiating with Kurt to receive a pay cut. That only furthered the problem, which we reported here. I had a conversation with Kurt less than a month ago about a possible injury as he worked a house show with his legged taped up. He told me it was just a precaution.

It seems that there is a possibility that Kurt and TNA agreed to a new contract type for at least this year.

  • Ken

    I didn't realise that it was possible for TNA to cut their expenses to anything less than they already are, Hogan and Co's contracts aside that is.

    Considering TNA's position within the industry they shouldn't be cutting expenses. If the Carters/Jarretts/Whoever are serious about running TNA they need to think in the extreme long term. They should be throwing money at the company like there's no tomorrow, focussing specifically on production values.
    If they hope to ever be seen as a legitimate competitor to the WWE they really need to be SEEN as being a legitimate competitor to the WWE. Hiding away in a dimly-lit sound stage in Florida isn't being seen.
    They need better sets, they need better lighting, they need better video packages, they need better advertising. That all costs money. They need to spend that money to generate fan interest. The in-ring product is decent enough but it doesn't mean squat if no one's watching it.
    With fan interest they could finally start touring and hopefully pulling crowds of better than 300. Then they could start gettng some decent celebrity involvement. Then they could start getting better PPV buy rates and eventually making some decent scratch. It might take a while but it's possible.

    They're in distant second and playing catch-up, and they're not going to catch up by cutting costs and playing it safe. They might as well wrap up operations, go home, and find something else to do if that's their plan. It'd be cheaper than hemorrhaging slowly over the next five years.
    I really hope they don't because the WWE really needs some competition to give them a short, sharp kick up their backside, and the industry as a whole needs the WWE at its peak, which it currently isn't.