Labor Day's WWE Raw Viewership And Cable Rating

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This week's WWE Raw received a 2.85 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 3,936,000. This is obviously down from last week's show since Monday was Labor Day. The hourly viewership breakdown is below:

  • Hour one - 3,690,000 viewers
  • Hour two - 4,146,000 viewers
  • Hour three - 3,974,000 viewers

Richard Gray posted in the Premium Article today on what Vince McMahon  wanted to do on this week's show since it was a holiday in the United States.  Click here to read about it.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    The reason for the low ratings is not because it was a holiday, it’s because ppl are tired of seeing the same shit for three straight Raws! Orton standing tall on a beaten Daniel Bryan. I started watching the show but did not continue because of this bs they pull every single week. It’s getting tiring.

    • Whammaster

      Then you totally would of hated the rise of Austin.

      • Kris Mystery

        Austin wasn’t beaten like a punk 3 weeks in a row. He always had an answer for the corporation. I totally agree. The last 3 Raw episodes were exactly the same.

        • iwc

          i hated when cena always won b/c he was the good guy but i also hate when the bad guys win. i want daniel danielson to always win no matter what the odds are. as a matter of fact im not sure what i want, just as long as i get to complain about how bad raw is everyweek then ill be happy.

  • Louis

    Doesn’t matter if it was a holiday, the same ol’ booking, the wrestlers on the roster, who’s out, who’s champion, who’s gettin’ pushed, pulled, suspended, who’s face, heel, if it’s a re-run, how long RAW is, if Daniel Bryan gets the last laugh, or if some John Cena haters come back to viewing the red brand since he is out to their relief. Unless the WWE pulls something out of their asses(no, they don’t need The Attitude Era 2.0), ratings will still slowly, slowly, slowly decline. 2010 = upper to mid 3s. 2013 = lower 3s to upper 2s.