Lack Of Main Event Talent?, David Otunga As A Top Star, WWE's Use Of Hulk Hogan, Lesnar's Stiff Shot To Cena

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What does it say about the lack of main event talent that WWE has had to reach out Brock Lesnar & The Rock to feud with John Cena?

There is no question that WWE has struggled to find stars as big as Brock Lesnar and The Rock but what a lot of people don't understand is you just can't "create" a megastar. Workers like Lesnar, The Rock, John Cena, etc. are once in a decade talents with God-given talent that make them huge draws. WWE has created other main event stars, just look at the current titleholders in CM Punk and Sheamus. With that being said I think it's great WWE has been able to bring in megastars such as The Rock and Lensar to put on entertaining programs. They are expensive but have proven to be huge draws.

I think David Otunga is a top heel with a legit lawyer gimmick and in-ring work the harkens back to "Ravishing" Rick Rude. Di you think he could be a real threat for main event status?

WWE officials are high up on David Otunga which is why he has had an increased role on television as the legal council for John Laurinaitis. I agree Otunga has a great physique and is a hard enough worker to get elevated but he still needs to work on his in-ring. Otunga certainly fits the mold McMahon has been known to push to the moon.

How was WWE able to use the Hulk Hogan character and likeness on last night's Raw Supershow?

Everything WWE did with the Hulk Hogan character with the Three Stooges on last night's Raw Supershow was done with property owned by WWE. They own the rights to the original "Real American" theme, titantron video and merchandise that was worn. Hogan is still compensated for merchandise moved off his name but nothing illegal was done last night. What I took away from the segment was how little McMahon cares about TNA. If he saw them as any threat at all he wouldn't be featuring their talent but heck, look at what they did with Ric Flair. It's great TNA has a national TV deal but other than that they pose no threat to WWE.

Was Brock Lesnar's punch to John Cena's face an accident or is their legitimate heat between the two?

Brock Lesnar and John Cena had personal issues during Lesnar's first run with the company but I don't think Brock was trying to hurt John last night. I seriously doubt they planned for Cena to take a stiff shot to the face but it could have been a case where Brock was trying hard to sell the beating and landed a clean blow to his face. While I'm sure Cena is sore this morning, the opening segment to last night's Raw Supershow was epic.

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  • Wayne

    It was the best opening to Raw in years.

    • Tripp

      Agreed. Opening segment blew the roof off the joint. Lesnar is legitamately scary and it adds a nice spice to the programming

    • silverwolf

      and i missed the first 15minutes of raw to son of a biscuits lol………..

      • James M>>>

        Dvr homie

        • Terry

          Man they played it like 50-leven times , no need for dvr .

  • Pablowdudit

    I think the Brock Lesner really wants to put Cena out of bisiness , he hit Cena the first time but Cana turned his head the second time with Brock looking away as to block his own face ,the future holds grim for the two ,i think Cena has met his match this time and is not happy about management turning the page to a war machine .good luck John hope you over come

    • Matt Scott

      Wow. Just wow…

    • ryder

      "Its Still Real To Me Dammit"

    • Toby Tyler

      OK bro, that's some scary stuff.

    • Waltertaker

      You are aware that the outcomes are pre-determined right? Also, stay in school…and pay attention!

    • Amsterdam


    • Maze

      If you watch it Brocks head was down so he didnt even know where he was punching, and even tho it was a tator it wasnt as hard as he can hit. It was nothing but an accident trust me.

  • This weeks RAW Opener was a classic but it looked like Lesnar hasnt forgotten his UFC days. The first punch that landed on Cena looked legit. Poor Cena. He looked genuinely hurt and the swelling in his lip proved it. I dont think it was intentional but would say a miraculous accident that has just elevated this feud between cena and lesnar.

    • Guy Landau

      Let me give you a little piece of a wrestler's perspective on such brawls – Lesnar was supposed to stiff that, at least to an extent. If anything he just wasn't supposed to hit the face, which in itself is an uncertainty. You don't hold back on such blows after a takedown, the other guy protects his face and you just hit them in the facial region and sides, like Brock did (and the whole Punching in the takedown, as those who watch MMA could probably tell, was legit blows as well as done in such mounted positions). The blow is usually softened a bit before impact, though, and regardless all of this does not apply to blows to the face which are, save special scenarios, always worked. (you saw on RAW what happens when they aren't).

  • Joey

    Yes i think the opening segment of raw last night was epic! I really do hope they keep things up cause the way there going right now it seems to me i'm starting to see the OLD wwe and i'm loving Raw right now

  • Daarko

    I think Lesnars hit was pure instict after his time in UFC and you could see that all the other shots were simply forearm to side of the head, so I think he made a legit mistake. You can see ham clinching himself really close to Cena, perhaps to ask him if he was alright. You never know, but i doubt that he was trying to hurt Cena 🙂

    • A2H

      I totally agree with that. Seems like lesnar kept the reflexes from him time in ufc. The take down and the first punch were more like ufc material

  • Jeff Ono

    Great opening segment. As much as I like Cena, he needs to stop smirking/laughing every time someone takes him out (on screen). He's not going to appease all of the anti-Cena fans (whose "Cena Sucks" chants are really getting old). But he should be more in character — essentially, looking intense and even angry — when he's seeking retribution. Otherwise, it's hard even for Cena supporters to take him seriously. Hogan was a superhero too, but he always maintained his character. Laughing off a F5 from Lesnar should doesn't elevate the rivalry. That's what bothered me about the Go To Home segment at WM28. Let Cena get cocky and try the People's Elbow… but don't shrug your shoulders and laugh about the spoof right before the finisher. It was pumped as the biggest main event since WM3, so treat it that way.

    • Matt Scott

      Only a Cena fan would say the Cena Sucks chants are getting old. You're in foreign water here, fella.

  • An0n

    best opening in forever, loved the locker room clear and brawl, cant wait for cena brock in the future

  • christopher525

    For the first question, I think what the bringing in of Lesnar and Rock shows is that Cena has gotten to that Flair/Triple H/Undertaker area of his career. He transcends being a title holder now, the belt isn't needed on him because he's beyond it, which is why they're bringing in the people they have, you need to bring in bigger stars for someone who's "above the title." About Otunga, he's come a LONG way, I could see him in the main event within 2 years, but he's not quite ready yet. I do see him possibly taking the title from Show and getting a run as IC champ soon. My thoughts on the Hogan deal is they missed the boat with Sasso, Hogan is nowhere near his best impression, he should have gotten in character as Austin, he's dead on with that and the boring ass crowd may have at least reacted. The Lesnar/Cena deal is clearly a gimmick, if you look at the shot on Cena, Lesnar clearly nailed the ring with his shots after the first one and slowed the shots as they passed Cena's head. I think Cena turned his head at the wrong time and took one hell of a shot on accident, although it does add to the storyline.

    • Kapil

      I have to strongly disagree with Richard's statement that Cena, Rock, Brock etc are once-in-a-decade megastars. From the top of my head, the 80s had Hulk, Andre, Macho Man and Ric Flair (even Warrior for a short time), the 90s had Bret, Shawn, Austin, Undertaker and Rock and the 2000s had HHH (i know he debuted in 1996 but he became a megastar only after DX), Cena, Brock (though only for a short time) and may be even Batista and Angle. So thats definitely not once in a decade and shows that lack of talent is not the major reason for lack of megastars. I think there are 2 major reasons why WWE are short of megastars right now – (1) the internet which has basically lifted the curtain on what goes on behind the scenes and has thus made it extremely difficult for any form of entertainment or actors (movies, TV, wrestling, music) to be universally acclaimed and (2) the lack of competition for WWE which has given us PG and the kid-focused Cena character that is the face of the company even though it is so widely hated.

      So as far as I am concerned, WWE definitely has to take a major share of the blame for not being able to develop megastars and also for being unable to adjust to the internet (which, granted, is no easy job)

  • Double reversing…

    Knowing the history between Brock and Cena, the spud is thrown and landed diffently added value. This is clear in the responses to the opening segment from last night. VKM is smiling.

  • Ice Cold The Fake Austin

    i think raw should have an off season. The rock vs cena should be the season finale. Break for three month. Imagine the first episode of the new season starts with brock f5 cena. WWE can supplement off season sales by having house shows and merchendise

    • Chris

      Be quiet

  • DoJo

    I can’t believe how many people believe that the punch Brock threw was legit!!!!!! If it had of been Cena would have been OUT & VKM would have been proper pissed that his main boy (Cena of course) had been hurt……. It was an accident that just added fire to storyline!!!!!! I love how Cena, then Brock used the term ‘war machine’……….. New merch anyone lol

  • Jack

    While the opening was fun, I felt there was a bit of gap in logic with some of the superstars that came out to stop the fight. Since when do guys like Alberto Del Rio and the Miz give a crap about anyboady else? Thought that was weird…

    • XKonn247

      I’m thinking it was the way to sell the legitimacy? Maybe.

      • Jack

        Yeah, I guess they wanted to make it look like a shoot.

    • havoc525

      You want it to look real, you have people come out, crossing kayfabe lines to help out. If you have only good guys hold Cena and bad guys hold Brock, it lacks realism.

  • ZackPck

    Otunga is the most improved superstar on the roster.

  • Patrick_OToole

    That's the first right hook Lesnar has connected with in years…

  • billy

    last nights opening to raw reminded me of old sat night's main event in 1988 between hogan and andre. andre was choking the life out of hogan/ and the whole locker room came out to pull andre off. for those who remember it. it took old hacksaw jim duggan to use the 2×4 across his back. to break the hold. last night was as epic as that night in 88.

    • havoc525

      Reminded me of the Austin/Tyson altetcation also.

  • tim

    why were those idiots booing the three stooges

    • James M>>>

      They were boring. I’m usually pretty passive when it comes to these celebrity guest hosts coming in for promotions, but that was terrible IMO.

    • British bulldog

      Those stooges are unknown in Britain, I’ve never heard of them before and by the looks of it that’s a good thing!! The three prats more like.

    • WyFo

      Because the WWE is no place for the 3 Stooges!

  • Herman Tank

    Well, on the bright side if you really hate John Cena this will be the best opportunity to be rid of him. Brock just needs to screw up a big move and accidentally injure him. On a side note, Jericho sure messes up alot. He can sell his moves but he screws up every move he tries. Look at those weak sauce code breakers. Easy move to do but he screws it up. That or CM Bunk (god forbid) made them look stoopid. Jericho even messed up his stomping when he slipped on last weeks RAW. So shaddup.

  • stu

    it made it more believable that it wasn't the heels fending off lesnar and the faces holding back cena.

  • proud

    As epic as it was I actually thought it made the locker room look weak, I wish that Mark Henry wasn’t front and centre trying to break it up as the world’s Strongest man couldn’t do anything to stop Brock? Really?
    Sheamus should have stayed in the back too as it only made him look weak being out there but I was fine with everyone else trying to stop it, it wasn’t anything Austin 3:16 but maybe if Lesnar drives something into the arena ala Austin he could take this feud far an beyond our wildest imaginations, and good luck to them

  • Cena Sucks

    CENA got merked!

  • Andrew

    I think the Lesnar shot was part of the script but still a real punch. Cena probably told him to throw a legit punch at him do they could use it in the storyline and create realism. That’s not unheard of.

  • Whilst it wasn't planned it helped make the whole thing seem realistic. I don't think Cena can blame Brock 100% as he should have kept his head to one side avoiding the blows but turns his head straight into Brock's fist. Will be interesting to see how much Brock holds back the next time they clash.

  • aGirl

    Otunga a top heel? Really?

  • jdl

    Otunga a main event star? Sure, when pigs fly and the moon is made of gouda. He has all the charisma of a door stop and the in ring skills of a wet mop.

  • John

    If Brock has signed with the WWE for the next year then he must go over big at Extreme Rulez! Anything less would be terrible & a Cena win would seriously make be reconsider even watching the product again.

  • gpturbo81

    you could see in cena's eyes that he wasn't very happy about it. had it been someone else, we'd probably see them in tna in a few months

  • Joe O.

    Besides the opening segment to Raw, did anyone else feel this Raw was lack luster at best compared to last week’s? Nothing jumped out to me from this week. If it wasn’t for my interest in the Punk/Jericho feud I would have turned off Raw altogether last night. It was a weak episode coming off the hottest Raw in years and one of the best opening segments in a long time. Just my opinion.

  • Adam


  • Kevin

    If they opened every show like they did on MNR (4/9), the ratings would go through the roof. I loved it! That's the kind of show we tune in to see.

  • Terry

    Funny that people think Brock Lesner is a killer because he accidently gave Cena a split lip .

  • wdr31

    Mistake bringing Lesnar in is a mistake, his actions during his MMA run explain why he returned to staged athletics from the world of real sports.