Lanny Poffo Softens Stance On Randy Savage WWE HoF Induction

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One of the most-asked questions we receive from readers has to do with "Macho Man" Randy Savage being a WWE Hall of Fame snub. The Tampa Tribune took notice of the issue and published a detailed report about Savage being left out again this year.

The new development is Savage's brother, Lanny Poffo, has softened his stance and says he no longer wishes for himself and their father to be inducted with Randy. However, he said he wouldn't attend the ceremony unless WWE called his mother and offered their condolences about Randy's passing.

Poffo reiterated what he's said previously in that WWE called in 2012 about inducting his brother but Poffo said he'd only accept if the entire Poffo family was inducted. That was apparently enough to get WWE to back off, however, as noted, something Lanny would no longer require.

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  • Malboja

    Savage should be in also so glad jake Roberts is in this year

  • The Great One

    Bruno sammartino 2013
    Ultimate warrior 2014
    Randy savage 2015?
    Be nice if then it was Owen hart

  • _JIM_

    Talk about selfish. So Lanny wouldn’t let Randy be inducted unless he could ride Randy and his father’s coat tails into the Hall of Fame? That seems extremely selfish to me, but would be Lanny’s only way of ever getting inducted. He just isn’t a Hall of Famer in my opinion, and apparently WWE agrees with me. Their Dad should go in, but Lanny just doesn’t make the grade. Just because your Dad and Brother were great, and should be Hall of Famers, that doesn’t mean you should be inducted also. Get off your high horse Lanny, and let your Brother receive the honor he has earned and deserves. The WWE Hall of Fame just isn’t a legit Hall of Fame without a guy with Randy’s accomplishments being in it. Just like it was a huge problem for Bruno not being in it. Randy not being in it is the same thing. It,)’s just not right…

    • Bob’s Diner

      It was Randy Savage’s wish to go in as a family, so Lanny Poffo is just respecting his brother’s wish. I believe this, as he petitioned to have his father inducted into the WCW hall of fame, much to the ire of guys like Ric Flair who didn’t think he deserved to be there. Randy Savage was very close with his family and wanted the same moment the Von Erichs had