Lashley Accuses WWE Of Biting TNA Angle

TNA Champion Bobby Lashley Tweeted the following:

The Tweet is in response to WWE aligning Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods together on Monday Night Raw. The connection is obvious as TNA has a similar faction of Lashley, MVP and Kenny King

  • Tom Mayer

    Oh lashley, wwe would have to be paying attention to tna for that to happen. Their ratings would increase about 300% with the 5 wwe brass watching.

    • Tom Mayer

      Oh yeah, aligning a group of black wrestlers together, such an exclusive original idea by tna.

  • jason witten 82

    Lol wwe still did it first. Not to mention tna rips off wwe all the time! Too funny

  • supercilious1

    He has a point, but wrestling companies have always ripped off ideas from each other.

  • Allen Massey

    but the problem is other than one common figure in Lashley and Big E being the 2 power guys of their groups. thats where it stops

    Kofi and King has nothing in common with each other gimmick wise


    MVP and Woods have nothing in common with each other than being Leaders

    MVP was the Director of Wrestling operations in TNA
    Woods has he been the COO of the WWE or GM of Raw or Smackdown that answer is no

    if anything the WWE group has more in common with the old Nation of Domination

    Woods = Farooq
    Kofi = D-Lo
    Big E = Kama Mustafa

    • Dave Barton

      (warning: sarcasm incoming)

      Oh, but Kofi has King in his name…Kofi KINGston!

      And MVP and Woods is just too obvious. Woods is working toward his PhD. MVP = PhD!

      So yeah, it’s a complete ripoff of TNA’s ripoff of WWE’s Nation of Domination (which has included such non-blacks as JC Ice, Wolfie D, and Owen Hart).

      • opie

        Good lord, I had totally forgotten about PG-13 being in the Nation. You from Memphis or something?

        • Dave Barton

          Nah, just looked up the NOD recently when TNA started their version.

        • Jesse Sherwood

          PG-13! Those wear some good times. With his dad on his retirement tour right now, I’m kind of curious of what J.C. Ice has been up to. And yes, I’m from around the Memphis area. NE Arkansas.

  • Glen

    So does this mean they are all turning heel?? I’ve been rooting for a Kofi Heel turn for quite a while.

    • Stephen Heim

      Kofi has been asking to go heel for quite a while. So this might be the start of it. Might be good for him.

  • Ethan

    Isn’t their faction a rip off of evolution? Lol

  • DW

    TNA reaches so hard! This is laughable. I hope Lash doesn’t loss his MMA fight like King Mo did. Zero cred.

  • Tom Mayer

    Oh yeah, wasnt TNA the one to copy Daniel Bryan’s title win with Eric Young? Beard and all. They even copied his title length of about a month or so as well.

    • Steve Barme

      Eric actually defended his title. Not Bryan’s fault. Also the TNA roster was really thin at the time of the title change. Who should’ve been champion?

      • Tom Mayer

        I really don’t care who is their champion, the title holds less weight than the US Championship does in the WWE.

        I wasn’t being serious, I am just making a point of who is copying who.

        • Steve Barme

          They all copy eachother. I think Lashley was just making fun of that considering that TNA and their wrestlers get spammed with these accusations daily.
          As long as an angle is done well, I’m not too concerned about it’s originality

          • Tom Mayer

            But I don’t see any WWE superstars having to play up that another wrestling org is copying them? It’s very much a “LOOK AT ME I NEED ATTENTION” tactic.

          • Steve Barme

            TNA wrestlers are more active and interactive on twitter. WWE is a more “controlled” message. If you’ve seen the tweets from the Money Power Respect group they have been going back at fans for awhile now.
            Also it’s entertainment, so they do need attention. In this case “Look at me, I need attention” is not necessarily a bad thing.
            WWE used a plane getting shot down in Lana’s promo to get attention from national media sources. It’s part of the game

          • Steve Barme

            And let’s be honest, WWE doesn’t have to have anyone in their organization. Hundreds of fans will do it for them, whether it’s an actual copy or not.

  • Stephen Cash

    The only thing they have in common is they are all black… That isn’t the same. This is Lashley being racist…

  • Jason

    What Black Lesnar needs to learn is that TNA has ripped off WWE as well, Its not all one sided.

    • Dave Barton

      rofl at “Black” Lesnar!!

      • Fishcakes

        Excuse me. That is HIGHLY offensive. That is NOT his name.

        …his name is Choc Lesnar.

        • Jason

          Whats so offensive about “Black” Lesnar? Bobby Lashley is the Black version of Brock Lesnar. from the body type of 12 years ago, to the in ring style. Bobby Lashley is the guy that Brock would look like if he was Black.

          • Jack ‘Tristeza’ Hughes

            Did you just choose not to read the 2nd part of that comment?

          • Jason

            its not about reading or not reading that second part, i’m just questioning how the term of something is considered “highly offensive” while i’m putting more into detail of the terms of why it fits. i’m not putting down the whole “Choc Lesnar” aspect of it so…..

          • Jesse Sherwood

            He was making a joke, looks like.

          • Jason

            It was either a bad joke or my brain power isnt working this time of night lol

          • opie

            Clearly, you need to rest your weary mind and hit us up again in the morning, champ.

          • BigMike

            Brain power, Definately…..mouth overrode brain

  • Splat

    Are they going to add R-Truth? I miss heel R-Truth. “Don’t boo me. You should be booing yourselves.”

    • Tom Mayer

      Little JImmy?

  • blah

    wwe is doing it better

    • Tom Mayer

      WWE is doing it with actual people watching.

    • John

      3 jobbers in a faction??? Yeah WWE are totally doing it better !

      • Alex

        Honestly I would have to say WWE has the more talented group. No offense to Lashley and MVP but I’d rather watch Kofi, Big E, & Xavier.

        • ldb

          I still want them to start with Rusev. He beat them all more than anybody in the last months.

        • John

          Kenny King is a more talented wrestler than any of them, and Lashley being the TNA World Champion brings instant credibility. The WWE have just thrown together 3 midcarders that serve no purpose to the show whatsoever. Just wait until they add R-Truth….

          • opie

            I don’t know that being TNA World Champion really brings credibility to anything…

          • John

            Well it’s definitely more credible than being a jobber on RAW.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Maybe he is referring to that pic of him with the John Cena references?
    Or Dixie Carter impersonating Stephanie McMahon?
    Or AJ Styles trying to be CM Punk for a few months?

    I dunno, Lashley; you probably don’t want to draw attention to companies ripping off the other…

  • Myron Gibson

    Hopefully this will be the start of the new Nation. Mark Henry should lead though. Possibly see Roman fitting too but he just left a faction. you can vision Titus and Truth in it already. Id bring Otunga in, Darren Young if he get well soon enough. and hell, even Ryback. It doesn’t HAVE to be a black thing. They all have one thing in common; they’re tired of loosing when they are bigger stars than that. Great TV.

    • Stephen Heim

      Mark would be a good leader for the group. But the problem is he’s like Wade Barrett. He gets hurt every time he fights someone decent.

  • Vic Jose

    Similar because they are black?

  • BlazeKing

    I’m not going to be the guy that plays the “let’s jump on Lashley because he’s a TNA guy” game. Instead, I’m going to look at his from his perspective.

    Big E – Lashley. The muscle of the group. The “Power” type of wrestler.
    Kofi – Kenny King. The high flyers of the group. They’re also the same height as well.
    Xavier – MVP. The talkers of the group. They have the best mic skills out of the whole crew.

    It’s funny how some people call themselves wrestling fans and run down TNA for copying, but when WWE does it, it somehow magically turns into “It’s ok because they copied TNA”.