Lashley Returns, Rayne Retains, Crowd Turns On Title Match, Willow Debuts, Attendance

TNA Lockdown PPV news and notes…

- Bobby Lashley returned to TNA Wrestling at Lockdown by answering Ethan Carter III's "open challenge." We covered it here and here. He Tweeted the following afterwards:

- Madison Rayne retained the TNA Knockouts Championship in a match against Gail Kim. We covered it here at

- Magnus retained the TNA Championship against Samoa Joe when Abyss reached up from under the ring and grabbed Joe. The crowd turned on the match as the distraction allowed for Magnus to make Joe pass out in a rear-naked choke after Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam.

- Jeff Hardy debuted the Willow character at Sunday's TNA Lockdown pay-per-view during the show's Lethal Lockdown main event of Team MVP vs. Team Dixie Carter. It was Willow and not Hardy that was a member of Team MVP.

- Attendance at Lockdown wasn't good as the cameras were tight throughout the event. There are some troubling photos making rounds on social media. Internet Browser! Download For Free [>>]

  • Mike

    With how good TNA has been lately, those seats will start filling up.

    • Mysterion

      It is literally safe to say, from just reading comments on the other Lockdown fallout posts, that you are in a diminishing minority with that ideology.

      • matt

        tna needs to accept the fact that wrestling is not big enough to support 2 companies anymore.
        the wcw-wwe days are over for good. McMahon is the KING of the circus world of pro wrestling and will rule it until he takes his last breath on this earth. this is the reason why he created the wwe network; to increase his CHOKEHOLD on the business.

        • Bob’s Diner

          There is more than enough market for numerous companies. It is just that TNA are making an awful wrestling show so no one will pay to watch it

          • matt

            there is not a big enough market for a start up company to challenge wwe.
            multiple companies can exist but the only thing they will be doing is feeding on wwe’s crumbs.
            wcw came along at the right time in the 1990s and it had ted turner funding it.
            McMahon was in a financial mess following the steroid trial and HIS top star was bret hart. bret hart is on the same level as sting as far as “drawing money” goes and they were both mediocre in that regard.
            the guy who helped wwe become a financial powerhouse again was steve Austin. it was the McMahon/Austin fued that pushed wwe ahead of wcw for good in 1998.

          • Mark Twain

            matt, you sound like everyone has to compete with or be as big as the WWE. That is a bad assumption. Old school promoters wanted 2 things. They wanted to put on a quality show and make a profit. There are plenty of actual wrestling fans out there that are still looking for the same thing and will support it. Most wrestling fans don’t watch the WWE for the quality of the show. They watch because it is there. And in some cases it is the only thing that they know about. It’s like watching a Rocky movie. You don’t watch because of the great script or acting. You watch it because it is available. And you don’t give up watching quality shows just because of the Rocky movies.
            The problem in TNA has nothing to do with competing with the WWE. It has to do with too many cooks trying create their ideas on what will compete with the WWE. Instead of spending time focusing on that, they should be focused on putting a quality event on every time out. People will attend and watch.
            VKM has always said he is more interested in the circus parts of the industry and making money more than the quality of the events. That was the big disagreement between him and his father. Sr. wanted quality. Jr. wanted quantity.

          • matt

            wrong. tna’s big dream since 2002 was to “compete” with wwe. tna has tried every thing to compete with wwe. tna’s failure to compete with wwe is why tna is losing money to the point that it hafd to pull ppvs and find a stable place to hold impact tapings in bunched at one location.
            pro wrestling is a circus form of entertainment. it would be ridiculous to try to present it as a “sport” when everyone with a working brain knows that it is not real.

          • Bob’s Diner

            I’m curious – you are always on here bashing pro-wrestling for being ‘fake’ and insulting wrestlers. Why do you even watch it? Why do you visit this site? Do you like people like me making fun of you for being annoying? Do you enjoy being a ‘troll’ for the attention it brings you?

          • matt

            no. I don’t bash pro wrestling for being fake. I respect pro wrestling for what it is and that is a form of entertainment. when I insult msome wrestlers, it is because they deserve, I am not going to praise a guy because he was a great wrestling character if he was or is a worthless human being in real life.
            I have been watching wwe since 1991. I like watching it but I am not obsessed with it. I don’t even have wwe network because I could care less about the past of pro wrestling and I don’t have time to watch it.
            I repect vince McMahon and his family because they are successful in real life and I hate fans like you who curse them just because of their storylines or just because they don’t “book a show to their liking”.
            I hate dirtsheet writers who leech off McMahon’s success because they are too stupid to get REAL jobs and scam gullible fans out of their money by promising inside info from third party anonymous sources.
            if you think you are a so-called expert bobby, then quit running your diner and start a rassling promotion so I can watch McMahon run you out of business like the other rednecks.

          • Bob’s Diner

            “I hate dirtsheet writers”
            Yet you come on this website – so I guess that answers my question: you enjoy the attention you get from being a ‘troll’. I am sorry your life outside the internet is so devoid you need to entertain yourself in such a manner. Try being a nicer person and perhaps you might one day make a friend. Or you could save your money and hire one. Just an idea

            BTW you contradicted yourself immensely by saying you “could care less about the past of pro wrestling” (I’m pretty sure you meant to say ‘couldn’t’ but we’ll just skip that for now) because all you like to do is try and give history lessons to everyone about info that everyone is aware of. So you obviously care about the past a lot.

            Why did you change your name?

          • matt

            I give history listens on pro wrestling to dummies like you who refuse to learn from the past.
            i just state facts on pro wrestling and how vince McMahon made this industry into a billion dollar enterprise and how every wwe star should APPRECIATE him for giving them a job even if they are circus clowns.
            I just state cold hard facts and trolls like bob’s diner rip them aprt just because they have some bias against vince McMahon and his family who the only reason why pro wrestling is a billion dollar industry.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Yes you have smartened me up so greatly! I don’t know anything about the past
            of wrestling – certainly not nearly as much as you, oh great wise
            teacher of the wrestling!

            Wrestlers are really stupid! Vince
            McMahon is my hero! You have opened my eyes to these “cold hard facts”!
            Thank you for sharing your knowledge

            Still doesn’t explain why
            you feel you needed to change your name. I thought ‘dean’ suited you
            better, but hey what would I know – you are they great one here!

          • matt

            exactly. now when you go to a wrestling show, you should walk up to one of those Neanderthal wrestlers and throw some bananas and call them stupid and say that vince mcmahon is your hero.
            i sense your sarcasm. go watch wwe network and obsess over a fake sport that you and other dirtsheet subscribers will never be a part of because McMahon would never hire dirt sheet writers to work for his company.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Really? Oh man, you have crushed my dreams!
            First you explained that wrestling isn’t real, and now you have made me realise I can never work for my hero Vince McMahon! Oh wow… luckily you are such a wise and knowledgeable man to open my eyes to these things! Otherwise I would have kept sending him my ideas for fantasy booking and getting turned down, forcing me to keep living in my parents’ basement until the disappointment of never working for WWE finally becomes too much for me to handle…

            So you obviously really want to be my friend – want to come over and watch the WWE Network with me? We can laugh at the wrestlers for being so stupid and cheer every time Vince McMahon says ‘What a maneuver!’

          • Bob’s Diner

            Jesus, dude – you realise you are just spouting crap that has nothing to do with anything just so you can sound all knowledgeable? That is all you ever do – Vince McMahon is the greatest, drugs are stupid, wrestlers are stupid blah blah blah

            There is actually the market there for 2 big companies in the US. Notice how WWE gains about 1 million extra viewers around WrestleMania? That is because those people don’t tune in all year due to boredom with WWE. All it takes is a lot of money and great creative drive and someone could compete. TNA just never will

          • matt

            actually man, the fact is that many bilionares in the united states have ZERO interest in “dirtying their hands in the rassling industry”.
            there are bilionares out there who have the financial resources to go head to head with McMahon and even over take him ,but they hate the pro wrestling business and they don’t understand the attraction of the circus form of entertainment.
            vince McMahon is the king of this industry because he grew up in it and knows it like the back of his hand. no one is going to beat him at his game because they have zero interest in getting into the business.
            bob carter bought tna as a favor to his daughter and he supports it because he wants to keep his daughter’s dream alive and spike tv is wiling to keep impact on the air.

    • live1213

      Yes and No TNA has been great lately (compared to last year version) However If u keep having sorry ppv too many out of the blue gimmicks, Abyss coming out the floor Bully Ray doing what he did. And I’m sure Sting would have done a one time show vs the Great Muta even Bobby Lashley showing up was place wrong.

      • seabee

        gotta disagree with your bobby lashley opinion that I think was done because when EC3 came up from NXT to WWE ; Ryback speared him in the same manner but he never got up. So this was to show that EC3 isn’t that same WWE jobber. or thats the way i say it.

  • PFA56

    I usually ignore TNA only reason I watched lockdown was to see The Great Muta Wrestle in the U.S. for what was most likely the last time.

  • Seabee

    TNA should put on a live event in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I went to a live event put on by wrestleCentre and the only known superstar was AJ Styles in a 1000 seat arena and it was close to a sell out with tickes $18 inadvance or $23 at the door

    • Bob’s Diner

      That’s the sort of venue they should be sticking to. I’d rather see a sellout crowd of 200 over those 200 being spread out across a 5,000 seat arena. Would be cheaper for them, too

      • seabee

        yup even roh goes to toronto on a regular basis. tna r picking the wrong venues and areas.

  • JJ

    Willow; minus his kendo stick OR umbrella and it’s lockdown match..boring. Also the bully ray swerve makes no real sense. Was nice to see Lashley back in the ring though.

  • Jim Evans

    Willow is Jeff Hardy.

  • seabee

    wow did everyone miss Willow’s amazing move off the top of the cage it was awesome. how he was able to contribute in the match after that move is incredible. That’s the real Willow news!