Lashley vs. Batista, WWE's New PPV Model, Updates On WWE's Biggest Stars

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I know you don't cover MMA but I just watched Bobby Lashley's last fight and he pretty much called out Dave Batista. Is this something you would cover let alone watch? Me.... I wanna see it.

Just so everyone is on the same page, Lashley was successful on Friday night in beating Kevin Asplund at Titan FC 25 in Fort Riley, Kansas when he made Asplund submit in the second round. I didn't see what Lashley said but it's my understanding that Dave Batista is focused on his acting career, not Mixed Martial Arts. Batista landed a big role as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy that is now filming in London. The following is from Batista's verified Twitter:

A couple of years ago, WWE had five pay-per-views between Wrestlemania and Summerslam and this year there are only three. Given that, shouldn't WWE expect buys to be higher now to make up for lost revenue? And if the buys are not substantially higher now does that mean that their PPV strategy is not working?

There were five pay-per-views between Wrestlemania 25 and SummerSlam in 2009, WWE scaled it back to four until this year, which has now been cut to three. Yes, WWE is hopeful that fewer pay-per-views will mean stronger buy rates for the shows but it's no secret that the pay-per-view business has changed. This is why WWE is willing to give up the revenue to put the pay-per-views on the forthcoming WWE Network. They would rather use the pay-per-views as the centerpiece of the cable network rather than depend on them to be bought independently.

Where is Big Show?

Big Show is off WWE TV dealing with a shoulder injury. Last week, dot com posted a kayfabe article, explaining he was taking time off because of his "ironclad contract" and that he doesn't have to answer to anyone. Show was with Mark Henry on Friday, representing WWE at the opening ceremonies for the 2013 Special Olympics Connecticut Summer Games. More is available at this link.

How come Mark Henry hasn't been on Raw or Smackdown lately? I haven't heard anything to make me think he would miss time.

Mark Henry came out of Extreme Rules banged up but there's more to it. I know some are reporting he's off due to backstage heat but there's more to that. We have an update available here and you can read Henry's latest Twitter defense at this link. As mentioned above, he was with Big Show on Friday on behalf of WWE. We are working on a new update that will be out later this week.

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  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Based on that tweet, I’m wondering a few things…is Mark Henry trying to get fired? Is he simply pissed because of his latest run? Is he trying to make himself indispensable for the company? Perhaps he’s pissed about the part timers getting more attention so his lashing out? At this point I personally see Henry as a valuable asset to the company he has a unique and marketable look. I have to believe he’s popular with the 18-30ish demographic. He’s always got cool tshirts which I believe are selling (I wanna get my hands on his bent on destruction tshirt). I dunno, I could be wrong on some of the things I said but I really believe at least one of them is right otherwise he wouldn’t have tweeted that.

    • Matt

      OR it could all just be one big work, so that he keeps relevant while take a short break.

      • Hercules Rockerfeller

        That could also be it but the latest is that he does have heat and JBL’s reference about taking the ball and going home, in wrestling that’s a low blow comment. I honestly dig Henry more now than I ever had in the past, ever since he started with the whole Hall of Pain gimmick, it’s intrigued me a lot.

  • Robert Olley

    Henrys tweet is obviously a work hes been playing the hall of pain monster 4 a long time and is continuing it while hes out hurt and hes excellent at his character even in tweets