Last Night's Lord Tensai Vignette Translated

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WWE posted an article over on dot com today, translating the messages that aired in the new Lord Tensai vignette on last night's Raw Supershow. The phrases are as follows:

"It was said he would find himself in a faraway land."
"Lord Tensai will strike."
"Lord Tensai draws near."
"Lord Tensai approaches. Beware!"

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  • Wes Branscum

    Not looking forward to this gimmick at all

    • Joey

      why not?????

      • Dangerous Lee

        Another white guy impersonating an Asian. This reminds me of that Dave chapelle skit: “I’m gonna make my own movie, it’s gonna be called da last n*gga on earth, starring tom hanks!”

    • Russell

      I hate the idea of this gimmick also because I like his a train gimmick but It could be a good one we'll just have to see.

  • Bailey

    Should have bought the guy back as “king Albert”

  • Matt Scott

    They have a few young Japanese workers too so a stable might go awry here. They could heel turn Yoshi Tatsu, bring up Jiro and let Sakamoto wrestle, add an American as a "symapthiser" and boom.

  • tone

    its gonna suck either way

  • Salvatore

    Well I heard he's really honed his craft in japan and has adopted a new move set or new moves. I am interested in seeing how these developed skills will play out in the ring. I personally haven't had any interest in him since he was teamed with droz, but I want to see how this angle plays out (whether it be bad or good). and for those playing the race card. Yokozuna was Samoan and not japanese, plus there are so many more of these examples or wrestling blunders in race so I could care less. I see it as more of a parallel to bruce wayne in batman begins than anything else, not saying they are trying to rip that off or even if that's where they got the idea from that's just the parallel I see.

    • The arbiter

      I agree with the culture/acting thing. Yokozuna wasn't japanese but he played a very good Sumo Character. William regal puts on that accent (his actual accent is from a different region).

      That being said, for every Yokozuna there is an Akeem