Last Night's WWE Raw Viewership - Competing Against Olympics

Last night's WWE Raw received an average viewership of 4,329,000. The show had some serious competition as it went up against the 2014 Winter Olympics which had over 22,000,000 viewers. Below is the hourly breakdown for Raw:

  • Hour 1 - 4,499,000
  • Hour 2 - 4,336,000
  • Hour 3 - 4,153,000

While the show slowly decreased in viewership in each hour, the show did not fall below 4 million unlike last week. We will update this post later with the final rating number.

You can see how the show did against the other competition at this link.

Raw Rating & Viewership Archive

  • King A sshole

    People watch the Olympics? No offense, I know the athletes train hard, but if the games actually mattered, wouldn’t there be no reason for war and we’d have world peace by now?

    • Xavier


    • Jimmy

      Betty White > Olympics
      Betty White = Ratings

  • Mike McCarthy

    Not as big a drop off as you’d expect considering they gave Bryan the night off, ratings have been great for WWE lately.