Latest On CM Punk's Status With WWE - Will He Ever Return?

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The belief within WWE is there are only three people that know whether or not CM Punk will ever return to the company and those three people are Vince McMahon, Triple H and Punk himself.

Punk literally has put up a wall between anyone connected to WWE other than his girlfriend AJ Lee and just isn't talking. That hasn't stopped the gossip and speculation, especially after AJ Lee showed up at TVs wearing an engagement ring. Punk hasn't been in hiding and has even been approached by WWE friends in public, however, that hasn't changed his stance to say nothing.

  • Jack

    If he is happy, why should he come back? Just seeing him from pictures and from The Talking Dead appearance, he seems to be at peace and happy where he is now, and there is nothing wrong with removing yourself from a miserable situation.

    • Ryan Plague

      what was miserable about it?? I am a huge CM Punk fan, but what I never understood about this whole situation is that, when he was given a 434 day WWE Championship reign and all of that, I never heard anything about how he was upset or miserable and then as soon as he drops the title to The Rock and loses to The Undertaker at WM 29, it’s only then you hear that he is unhappy and miserable

      • David F.

        He was pissed because part time talent like Batista and was headling Wrestlemania and Punk feels he deserves to close the show. I dont blame him. He worked his ass off to point where he should be in last match of Wrestlemania. Never say Never in WWE and maybe Punk might come back for WM 31 if it is him v Bryan as the Main Event of the show

        • Stevie Klaus

          exactly, He has made it known he is a fan of long term booking and not of these part time guys and booking on the fly type of angles. It makes for a CRAPPY product. Plus he has stated that he has saved most of his money and can quit and live comfortably when he did stop wrestling. I hope he does come back and is just recharging his batteries at the moment

        • Scott

          In Batistas defense he is not part time….now should he go over? No but at least hes not a part time talent

        • Matt

          It’s not exactly known why he left. He was vocal about booking being horrible and guys like Lesnar and Rock being given the keys to the kingdom while guys like him are out there every day. Also, he had huge knee problems for the last year or so of his career and was visibly banged up at the Rumble. Seeing him on The Talking Dead made me smile because he looked happy. He hasn’t looked legit happy since ROH days.

    • John

      Exactly! It seems like some wrestling fans, including Richard himself, resents the fact that CM Punk actually has a life away from wrestling. Why shouldn’t he show up at a UFC event if he wants to? Just because he has left WWE, doesn’t mean he should go into hiding.

  • BIG M

    If Punk’s had enough and wants to call it a career well I say good on him.
    Not many people get to leave the industry on their own terms.
    Better to leave now and look back at his accomplishments fondly rather than coast for a few more years banged up and not enjoying what he’s great at.

  • Bob’s Diner

    I’m glad he’s still rocking the chops. My sideburns are still better…

    • Cabe Chaffin

      pics or its not true

      • Bob’s Diner

        Not a great pic, but here ya go.

  • Brian Kerk

    “Punk literally has put up a wall”

    Really? Literally?

    • opie

      Makes me crazy. Literally crazy.

  • D.L.

    Cm punk is drinking coffee! Caffeine is a drug!

    • nothanks

      It’s a decaf

  • ClintMurphy

    so who was the creeper taking the photo, thats the real story

  • vickie’s lover


  • Gary Robert

    I still say the fact that he has said absolutely nothing, which is very unlike him, hints to something being up.