Latest Details On CM Punk & WWE's Claim Of Knee Surgery (Updated)

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We noted earlier here on that WWE claims over on dot com that CM Punk is undergoing emergency knee surgery Tuesday in Pensacola, Florida.

I've checked around to confirm whether or not the surgery was legitimate and at this point all of my sources are as surprised as we were. We noted last week Punk was working through some knee pain. He's been seen visibly limping backstage but wasn't believed to be seriously injured.  The Champ had some fun with the Internet with a Tweet regarding x-rays.

Hopefully we'll have more information later.

3:12 PM EST Update: People close to Punk are under the assumption he either had a scope or something was found during an examination by Dr. James Andrews Tuesday at the Andrews Institute in Pensacola.  Punk had been working through pain but was determined to work through it.

  • Patrick Peralta

    well if DR. Andrews looked at Punk then the knee injury is legit….Dr. Andrews is not going ruin his rep for sake of a WWE storyline.

    • Wwe4L76


  • chainslaw2

    Love him or Hate Him but you gotta respect the Best In The World CM Punk

  • Darkstalker

    "Looking" doesnt mean "finding" anything. It´s okay to go and see him. After all he kind of is THE go to guy for Top Peformers.

  • tna

    The surgey has been done ,full details on what it was for are up on wwe com now ,richard could you please tell us what you think will happen ?