Latest On Jeff Jarrett In TNA, Talent Sharing w/GFW

Very few people were “smartened up” to the fact Jeff Jarrett would be returning to TNA Wrestling on this week’s episode of Impact. While many fans felt TNA actually delivered a surprise, the locker room was more confused than anything else.

We’re assuming Jarrett returning to work Slammiversary means there will be TNA talent on Global Force Wrestling shows and vice versa but the extent of such an arrangement is not fully known.

Jarrett’s deal to return to TNA is indicative of how much things change in this business as earlier this month Tyrus was pulled from GFW’s shows because of his TNA contract. Karen Jarrett even seemed to take a shot at Dixie Carter over it.

For those that have asked, GFW is a separate promotion and Jarrett was given the opportunity to promote it in exchange for agreeing to return and work Sunday’s pay-per-view. CJ Blaze recapped the Slammiversary lineup at this link. We'll have complete coverage Sunday night at 8 PM EDT here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

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  • Evil Kevyn

    Give it up already, Jarrett. Nobody wants to watch jobbers and mid-carders from WWE pretend they’re main eventers in Global Force (stupid name) or TNA (possibly even dumber). No matter how many country singers or Billy Corgans there are in the world, unless someone with billions of dollars comes around and is willing to part with that money nobody will care how many “rasslin” organizations you set up.

    Oh boy, talent sharing!! That means Drew Galloway could fight whatever Justin Gabriel’s name is now in a crossover main event…maybe with Flair or Hogan as ref!!! Kurt Angle sucks.