Latest On Twitter Feud Between Scott Steiner & Hulk Hogan

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The "is it a work or are these guys seriously obsessed with one another?" Twitter feud between Hulk Hogan and Scott Steiner has taken an interesting turn. Steiner claims he was served a letter from a lawyer representing Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Hogan posted a response on his social networking accounts.

While I covered the initial comments, the words from Steiner got intense enough where I was questioning whether or not he was working. Take this for what it's worth but below is the latest from each:

Scott Steiner

Hulk Hogan:

  • Ellen Brennan

    These are two past their prime old wrestlers, bow out with some dignity…or have all those years of steroids eaten that much of your brains that they can't hear how idiotic they soundy? This doesn't help TNA. Grow up! Drama Queens!

    • The.Special.One

      True words but they will never grow up! They act like Kindergardenkids. You stole my Bobby-Car and now I steel yours…! Pathetic!

  • J-Dub

    Hogan v. Warrior 2!

  • Jim

    Ok, this whole thing is ridiculous. Firstly I'm amazed Steiner even has a working smart phone because I can see him crushing his phone when he gets mad at a negative tweet someone either sent to him or that someone sent about him. Secondly I'm not sure what HH is sueing over. No judge will convict Steiner for calling Brooke a no-talent because its true. Hot but not very talented.

    • Andy

      Steiner prob has a nokia. Nokias can't break.

  • Philip Thompson

    Hogan is pathetic – and you'd think he'd be put off settlements after his divorce – that cost him 70% of everything he had which is why he's in TNA trying to make some money despite not caring about the company – he just knows that Dixie is rich and gullible.

  • Kevin

    Here's an idea: Let's get Old School with Hogan and Steiner. They say that when 2 guys have a disagreement they can't settle with words, they take it to the ring. So let's have a SHOOT match with Hogan and Steiner. A no-predetermined-outcome, outright WRESTLING match between these two to see who the real man is. My money's on Steiner, the former high school and collegiate wrestler who has real mat skills. I liked Hogan as an ENTERTAINER in the 80's, but he never could wrestle, unless pointing your finger, hitting your opponent with a couple of right fists, throwing him into the ropes, hitting him with a big boot, then finishing him with a leg drop is considered wrestling. Oh, he did throw the occasional body slam, but that was pretty much it. Yeah, I'd say Steiner could take Hogan any day of the week. And twice on Sundays.

  • nWo 4 Life

    Brother, brother… nWo 4 life!

  • kok

    Scott steiner is an idiot no wonder tna fired him the man is a lunatic