Latest Stacy Keibler-WWE Update

TMZ decided to kill The Enquirer's report that Stacy Keibler was nearing a return to WWE. According to the aforementioned report, a return to wrestling isn't what Keibler had in mind but the offers [from WWE] were getting "too good to refuse."

We didn't put much weight into the report given the tabloid's obsession all summer with them. There was interest within WWE about having Keibler return  to get her on the cast of Total Divas but talks stalled and that was the end of it.

  • smark calloway

    its a work,its a storyline…stacy is going to come back to wwe as part of the ” national enquirer entourage ” with her as the mouthpiece . wwe is then gonna call up one of the nxt divas to lead ” team tmz “..the feud will cumulate with an elimination match at survivor series , with george clooney as special guest referee. there will be heat between the former lovers george and stacy thoughout the match, but in the end when no one expects it ,clooney will screw over team tmz and align himself with kiebler. they will be the new power couple of the wwe , known as team cloobler. they will run roughshot throughout the wwe , but their reign of terror will come to a screeching halt when they square off against ” the original power couple ” triple h and stephanie mcmahon at wrestlemania . then leading into spring next year there are unconfirmed reports of wwe doing the big ” george clooney revealed as vince mcmahons secret son ” angle . but this will only take place if clooney does not have other commitments pending ..remember, you heard it here first folks !!

    • WrestlingFan4Life

      Dude, you so need to be a WWE writer! That was CRAZY GOOD stuff you wrote there. Better than anything the WWE is putting out currently.

      • smark calloway

        thanks..ive been taught and given advice about booking and other things by two of the greatest minds in the business..jake ” the snake” roberts and raven ..i guess i just picked it up from them and by being a fan of the business for 20+ years..also i find it funny how i mentioned there being a power couples feud , and then last night at the ppv , wwe did a vote for the best power couple ever ..are they reading my ideas ?haha