Latest On Sting In WWE 2K15 & Possible Appearance On Monday Night Raw

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As we broke exclusively here on on Friday, Sting's cryptic Tweets that pointed to 07.14.14 had to do with his inclusion in WWE 2K15, something similar to Ultimate Warrior's inclusion in WWE 2K14 last year.

We also noted [and repeated in our Raw preview] that Sting was not booked for Raw as of early Friday morning. It's worth noting some are speculating WWE will air a segment featuring the Stinger [via satellite] to promote his inclusion on WWE 2K15 and that's entirely possible, however, the basis of our initial report is still clear: Sting's Tweets had to do with the video game and he was not booked to appear live and in-person.

For those that missed the Tweets, we'll run them again below:

Sting and WWE are working together on a DVD/Blu-Ray compilation due out in September, that is confirmed. The extent of their relationship beyond that is unclear. I know there have been rumors about possible creative plans to use Sting at Wrestlemania 31 next year and he desires a match against The Undertaker. All of this hinges on a number of factors, none less important than the desire and health of Undertaker himself. As I reported shortly after Wrestlemania 30 this year, "the streak" ending means nothing in regards to the prospective dream match from happening.

  • LatinoG

    …Sorry I just have to lol! I am looking forward to the 2K15 announcement though.

    • LatinoG

      Hmmm was supposed to post a funny Sting Meme from the kid wearing Sting facepaint on the RAW after WM XXX but it didnt post…oh well.

  • Dave Barton

    While I’m sure Sting will be featured in some fashion on Raw tonight, I don’t see it as an on-screen character. I’d expect it’ll be for WWE 2K15 or his up-coming DVD set.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Yeah I expect we’ll just get Steve Borden in his sunglasses in a video talking about how great this all this. Whatever it is.