Latest Update On A Possible WWE Return For Chris Jericho; Original Plans To Bring Kane Back To WWE Television & The Name That Has Been Pitched For A Return Feud

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- Sources close to Chris Jericho's negotiations with WWE have confirmed to me that negotiations are taking place and are going well. I'm told the two sides are "close" but as of Monday, he had not signed a new contract.

- The plan prior to this week's Raw Supershow was for Kane to return to WWE next month and feud with Mark Henry after Henry's program with Big Show concluded.

  • Jake the Snake

    Richard, out of curiosity, what do you think are the chances that Kane may win the Rumble next year?

  • vmagic

    Great news! Go, Jericho, Go!

  • Jaryd

    I'm glad Kane seems to be a heel… or at least just a nutjob that destroys anyone in his way. I imagine that if not a match there'll at least be a segment involving him and Cena considering Cena isn't booked.