Latest Update On Lawsuit Against WWE & Big Show

Attorneys for WWE have petitioned that the lawsuit brought against the company and Big Show by former employee Andrew Green be removed from Arizona State Court to a federal court. WWE argued since the lawsuit involves footage filmed for the Internet, it would fall under federal law.

We first ran the story last month when Green filed the lawsuit. Green claims Big Show freaked out on him -- using “profanely indecent language" -- when he tried to get a post-match interview with him backstage at Royal Rumble 2013 in Phoenix.

Green ended up getting the interview but later quit the company because he felt uncomfortable working around Show and the other wrestlers. You can read more details at this link.

For even more coverage, obtained the lawsuit and gave more details at this link.

  • Chris

    Still find it odd that he’s trying to sue because a wrestler was playing an angry giant character and scared him.

    • sir-rusty82

      Its not the scripted stuff his sueing about its how BigShow went about it, you must be pretty tough to say you wouldnt get intimidated by the BigShow when your trying to do your job & he goes too far with it