Latest Update On Ultimate Warrior's Death

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For those that missed it on Wednesday, an autopsy is scheduled on the body of the Ultimate Warrior on Thursday if it hasn't been done already. The results will take some time to get back.

The latest regarding his untimely passing is that all signs point to a massive heart attack. There was no evidence of drugs or alcohol being a factor and according to reports, he clutched at his chest before going down.

He was with his wife Dana at the Gainey Suites Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ on Tuesday evening, walking down a hallway when he collapsed. He was transported to a local hospital by Scottsdale firefighters.

Those that spent time around Warrior over Wrestlemania weekend noted something was off and there were signs he was not in good health. Everything from constant sweating, to having a red face, to being stooped over has been reported.

Warrior had agreed to a new multiyear deal with WWE to act as an ambassador, it was not a deal that included physical involvement.

  • Venom

    I’m curious to know what was Warriors activity before signing the new deal with WWE. Was he constantly traveling or was he working from home? I know he was a motivational speaker but I don’t know if he was still doing that or not. Maybe the travel to New Orleans, all the WM weekend events, traveling back home had that different atmosphere he’s not used to adding to his apparent poor health may have caused all this.

    This is why I’m always against doing this to an exteme. If you’re overweight, if you’re muscular I’d your too skinny is never good in the long run. I try to be in the middle. I work out but I never want to be super muscular and I never over do it. Even my uncle who I mentioned in the Nancy Grace article was super healthy, never drank, never ate junk food, very health cautious and passed away similar to Warrior.

    • Gio

      Sometimes it all depends on how many ticks your heart has, and maybe Warrior was running out of ticks.

      • TheDeadOwl

        Not to mention family history plays a part as well.

        • Gio

          That’s true, I read somewhere, i wanna say WNW, that he told someone that his grandfather died before 60 just like his father who died at 50 something. so family history could’ve been a big factor?

  • jason witten 82

    If he didn’t seem well over the weekend then why book him for raw, why not just postpone the appearance