Layla Reveals That She Underwent Two Surgeries Following Her Knee Injury, Discusses The State Of The Divas Division, More

The Miami Herald has a new article up with quotes from WWE Divas Champion Layla. In the article, she discusses the WWE Diva Search, internal perceptions of the contestants, SummerSlam, and more. In the following excerpt, Layla discusses her rehabilitation following her injury in May 2011:

“After I went through surgery, with the rehab and all that stuff, I actually didn’t think I was going to come back,” Layla said.

“I was really scared because it wasn’t working. I did six months of rehab, and I didn’t tell people this, but I had to have another surgery. So I ended up having two surgeries, [one major reconstructive surgery] and one to scope the knee out in [September]. I just made up my mind then that I was going to get back in that ring and face my fears to prove that I can do it.

She also gives her thoughts on the current state of the Divas division:

“I feel like we are in a male oriented sport, but I think the girls are given time and eventually we are going to be given more time,” Layla said.

“It’s just like a roller coaster. It goes around all the time. I feel like people just try to find things to nitpick or say this or say that. We work about 51 weeks of the year sort of thing, so it’s going to rotate and come back. I just think it will eventually come back and the girls will get more time. I’m not frustrated. I’m ready to work and validate the divas. We have a strong division.

“I’m enjoying every second here. I’m in appreciation to just be here right now because I wasn’t for a while. I just think things will change with time, and people will see that. People are going to critique us regardless. They also have to understand that we have bad days, and we have good days. We have good matches. We have bad matches. We are human. Frustrated isn’t the word. I think more anxious and excited to show that the diva’s division is entertaining. We are sexy. We are powerful, and we are strong. We are very strong women, so that is what I want us to show, and we are also athletic, too.”

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  • Aaron

    Have a dominant diva like Beth Phoenix win the title back and re-brand the belt as the Women's Championship to restore a bit of credibility. Have her beat each "diva" one at a time, then debut a new female wrestler who beats her for the title, thus setting up a feud.

    • kingjamsie

      They did that, and Layla beat beth…

      • Aaron

        I was referring to a totally brand new diva, like Buggy Nova who they have signed on a developmental contract.

  • Mar

    In the last few years I think that there isn`t any comparison between the quality ( performance , time alowed ,etc.) of TNA`s women and WWE`s . The first one invests a lot more in the in ring performance than the latter who basically only rely on merchandise sales , with only short ring presence if any at all on some TV nights on RAW or SMACKDOWN .