Why Andy Leavine & Angelina Love Are Being Pursued, More On TNA Losing A Big Sponsorship Deal, Why WWE Isn't The Only Company After Ring Of Honor/Dragon Gate USA Talent; Details On Who Could Pop Up On Impact Wrestling

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- We're told a company by the name of Tires Plus was looking for wrestlers to appear in an upcoming television commercial. Two "free agents" we can confirm were contacted for the project were former WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Levine and former TNA Knockout Angelina Love.

- To follow-up on TNA Wrestling's deal with Direct Auto Insurance, we're told the contract for the sponsorship actually expired over the summer but the two parties went to a month-to-month deal. As previously reported, I spoke with someone from Direct Auto that told me the company's sponsorship with TNA had "ended for now."

- WWE isn't the only mainstream organization looking at a lot of Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA talent. We're told TNA is looking to bring in some new talent [from the aforementioned promotions] that would probably start on television right around time for Lockdown in March. Coincidence or not, one of the guys they contacted was Samuray Del Sol, who we reported had drawn interest from WWE.

  • Chris

    Basically, TNA is going to push people right to TV in order to keep them from WWE, which will kill their career because they aren’t ready yet.

  • Kleck

    With the legal business that TNA has been doing lately I believe for a free agent Indy wrestler, the choice may not be so difficult. If they were to offer a push to the moon, TNA would just end up the paying the price.

  • I think they would choose WWE over TNA, WWE has more money & more world wide exposesure as TNA not so much.

  • Ricky

    TNA is really making all the wrong moves. They have a roster full of talented guys who they don’t push in favor of WWE rejects.

  • Don’t WWE and TNA have enough wrestlers as it is, they are barely able to use those they have under contract!