LeBron James Wants WWE Title Belt; The Rock, John Cena & CM Punk Respond

An interesting conversation took place Sunday night between the best basketball player in the world and some WWE heavyweights. Miami Heat forward LeBron James Tweeted the following:

The Rock responded with the following:

John Cena responded with the following:

CM Punk responded with the following:

For those that don't understand Punk's Tweet, Luc Longley won three titles with the Chicago Bulls back in the 90s.

  • K!NG

    King james is gonna get his 3rd ring and three-peat. Go heat!

  • michael

    Get me one too.

  • Nick K

    He’s not even that good, needed to surround himself with a super team to win a championship.

    • opie

      I’m not going to get into a basketball argument here on WNW, but that’s a silly thing you just said.

    • Justin

      Name a team in the last 10 years who did not have at least two great players I will wait.

  • AB

    As a Bulls fan and an Aussie, I loved CM Punk’s response.

  • Lebron James

    If he wins another ring this year they should give him whatever the hell he wants.