Legendary Referee Dick Woehrle Dead At 80

Legendary referee Dick Woehrle has died. The cause of death is currently known. He was 80-years-old. Woehrl worked in the business for decades and formerly worked in WWE (as WWWF and WWF).

The Honky Tonk Man confirmed the said news on Twitter:

  • Sam The Man

    R.I.P the original.

  • J_Dog

    In a rather morbid kind of a way it’s almost nice to hear of someone in the pro wrestling business who dies after living a full life. Still sad though of course.

  • AJG316

    Rest in peace

  • Cool post thanks! We think your articles are fantastic and hope much more soon. We adore anything to do with word games/word play. 196373

  • eddie gaetano

    He grew up with my late uncle Jackie Smith in Scranton , PA he also knew my late grandparents Jack and Jean Smith ,my question is he in the WWE hall-of-fame as a referee ?

  • eddie gaetano

    Mr. Dick Woehrle grew up with my Late Uncle Jackie Smith and knew my Late Grandparents Jack and Jean Smith i am so sorry for his family he will be greatly missed . SINCERLY , Eddie Gaetano , Jr