Legitimate Tension Between Two Controversial WWE Stars?

Has a kayfabe exchange on Twitter created legitimate tension between Alberto Del Rio and Dave Batista? Del Rio Tweeted the following:

1:32 PM EST January 8, 2014 Update: Vince Lucero, who Del Rio referenced, was Batista's opponent at a CES MMA show on October 6, 2012 in Providence, Rhode Island. Batista won the fight via TKO (punches). That fight is online at this link or embedded in the video below:

End update.

Below are the responses from Batista's verified account:

1:19 PM EST January 9, 2014 Update: Since publishing this article, Batista has deleted the above Tweet. This is why the Twitter framework no longer loads. End update.

Neither Del Rio nor Batista are strangers to legitimate controversy in a contrived business.

Batista was infamously involved in a backstage altercation with Booker T that got physical in 2006. Booker later said the wrestler-turned-actor "took a good beating" but it was about respect. He said he respects Batista and is sure Batista respects him.

Del Rio admitted in a November 2013 interview that to be a good heel you had a to be a “bit of an asshole in real life” and that’s him.

Both Batista and Del Rio were announced as entrants in the 30-man Royal Rumble match on this week's "Old School" episode of Monday Night Raw. Batista will return to WWE on the January 20, 2014 episode of Raw.

  • Nostaljack

    Ooh, a feud between Alberto Del Midcard and Batista. I’m…whelmed…

  • Michael T.


    The most boring and overrated ‘superstar’ on the WWE roster, if that clears things up

    • Kris Mystery

      Until Batista returns.. then he’ll be the second most boring and overrated.

  • Venom

    It’s funny I like Del Rio in that he’s different but he bores me to death. Good wrestler has a unique look but not a single feud he’s been in that interested me. Well, the only one I was interested in was when he faced Christian in a ladder match after Edge’s retirement but that’s only because we wanted to see Christian win the world title.

  • thepowerserge

    Funny how it seems like people are taking Batista’s side. If I remember correctly, didn’t Batista QUIT to be an MMA “star?” You don’t have to like ADR, but at least he’s not talking about leaving with his tail between his legs. I still find it funny that the first promo for Batista’s “return” has him stating that he’s tired of waiting, since he’s admitted he didn’t want anything to do with the PG era in WWE. And now he wants to be champion? Really, Dave? How about staying a while before making demands like a petulant child.

    • Theitfactor25

      Batista has my respect because he left on good terms with the WWE after main-eventing Wrestlemania when he thought the company wasn’t going in the right direction. He tried MMA as a bucket list thing and considering he won I don’t see any problem in that. Now he has a major role in Guardians of the Galaxy and has already appeared in Riddick. What has Alberto Del Rio done? Been shoved down our throats for nearly 4 years despite the fact that he still isn’t over and has had every opportunity to become a main event star, yet you can still hear crickets in the audience when he makes his entrance. Batista was a main event talent during his time in WWE, Alberto Del Rio is a boring, overrated joke.

      • Nostaljack

        A-M-E-N!! Del Midcard could have gotten himself over in a major way. He has all the tools to be just amazing. His issue is that he simply refuses to put the work in. He’s lazy and it comes across in his ring work and in his mic. He can be so much more and the fact that he isn’t is totally his fault. Batista took what he had and made the most of it. I have little doubt he’ll do the same when he comes back.

        • Patrick

          funny how in WWE he is concidered lazy but down in Mexico he is a big star.

          • Bob’s Diner

            He worked matches in a completely different style in Mexico. What people consider lazy from him is what I consider him playing it safe. Mistico was incredible in CMLL but his style didn’t mesh well with WWE trained wrestlers, so everyone called him Botchamania. If Del Rio was doing things the Mexican way, you’d all be saying the same about him so instead he sticks to what he knows works for WWE wrestlers

          • Venom

            Can you honestly blame Del Rio for playing it safe. People say WWE way but really it’s US wrestling TV way. Let’s think about it. Acting for film/tv is different then acting in theater as in theater you need to be louder and over act you expression.

            With Indy wrestling its almost like theater acting as you need to interact more with fans help get them vocal in your match. Japanese wrestling (I’m being told as I don’t watch) is more slowed down and technical. Then we have Mexican wrestling where you need to suspend your belief and it’s more about high risk moves.

            That’s what Misticos problem is concerned. He came straight from Mexico, no FCW and obviously they wanted him to bring that style where he got injured more. Can we really blame him?

            Del Rio on the other hand spent time in FCW and learned the style. He doesn’t get injured often and has anyone ever said he has a bad match? I find him boring as a performer but not his wrestling just his promos.

          • Bob’s Diner

            That’s exactly it – he has probably been the most consistent performer WWE have had. Had Mistico come up the way Del Rio did things could have been very different.

            As for the WWE way, it certainly has become the US way but only because WWE is the only one on TV. WCW matches were done a different way, and if you look at older WWE pre-Attitude Era, there wasn’t a specific way the matches went. Since having their own developmental system, they have developed a specific way they like their matches worked. Del Rio is probably the smartest guy on the roster because he works super safe when in the ring with guys like Orton and Cena, then when he gets an opponent that is talented but not one of the top guys he tends do a bit more and put on a great match. I am certain he and Ziggler could have had a show-stealing feud if given the chance

          • Venom

            I think WWE always had a developmental system only they didn’t own it and it was considered their farm team. I think Memphis Wrestling or USWA was considered that. Like wasn’t Smoky Mountain a farm team? Then OVW became a developmental system but they didn’t own it just funded it plus Deep South until they did FCW/NXT.

            But back to ADR, when we think of it, how many injuries has he had? The last one he had was a concussion caused by someone else. Kinda like Zigglers last 2 concussion (Ryback/Swagger).

            Hunico is probably someone in the best position. He knows the Mexican style but spent much time in FCW to lean their way. The fact that he didn’t botch the original Sin Cara trampoline entrance in his first match unlike the original Sin Cara did shows how talented he really is.

            As far as WCW style it’s really hard to say. I started watching when nWo started so the main storylines were runner by lazy wrestlers who had big Time Warner guaranteed contract while the undercard was runner by talented cruiser weights. I guess it’s a different style. And come to think of it, did the Attitude era even have great wrestling matches? They had great memorable wrestlers like Rock, Austin, HHH, Undertsker HBK Bret hart.

          • Venom

            I guess what I’m trying to say is back then in the mid-late 90s we all wish we can go back to as wrestling was hot cause of better storylines. But back then ithink people complained it was more storyline base and raunchy divas and the wrestling was missing.

            I think today the wrestling is better but the storylines suck.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Absolutely – couldn’t agree more.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Absolutely – couldn’t agree more

          • Xavier

            Agreed, and no I’m not drunk lol.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Oh Xavier… haven’t seen you in a while? You all good?

          • Xavier

            Yeah bro, just working these crazy hours at my job. Life on a oil rig gets hectic lol. What’s good with you?

          • Bob’s Diner

            Not much, bro – just working as well but mostly very quiet at the moment. Hope you had a good xmas and new year! You looking forward to the Royal Rumble?

          • Nostaljack

            That doesn’t explain his laziness on the mic. He barely tries.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Laziness on the mic? Does he not it hold it properly or something?

          • Eddie Edwards

            Mistico was a big star in Mexico too

        • David F.

          Batista was burned out and wanted to take time off simple as that similar to Jericho taking time off. I knew after 2010 he would come back eventually for one last run and this is it. I hope he eventually turns heel again because 2010 Batista heel was awesome. As far as Del Rio he has been given multiple opportunities to be main event guy but has not delivered. He gets very little reaction now that he no longer has Ricardo. WWE needs to put Ricardo and Del Rio back together again

          • 1molly23

            Poor Ricardo!

        • Xavier

          Where’d all this stuff come from about him being lazy, in what way has he been lazy? Him not connecting with fans doesn’t mean he is lazy.

          • Nostaljack

            His mic work is lazy and he doesn’t do more than he has to. I’m not expecting him to be a spot monkey but I do expect him to put on a great show. I also expect him to tell a story with his mic work and he doesn’t. When he does interviews out of character, he does them quite well and he’s fluent in English lest anyone is thinking he isn’t. Why he can’t be more on the mic is entirely beyond me and that’s what most of my beef is.

          • Venom

            See, I don’t think lazy is the right term. Just because a person sucks at cutting promos doesn’t mean they’re lazy on the mic. It just means they suck at promos. I know someone who’s great at public speaking yet you give them a script to rehearse and have them act out a scene and they’re not that good. He’s good at doing interviews as you said cuz he’s not given a script he’s being himself. ADR had a gimmick where he was so wealthy he’d come out in fancy cars and could afford his own ring announcer and they took that away. He’s just another wrestler now who likes to insult people in Spanish.

            Now someone like King, Cole, or JBL if they’re not doing good on the announce team sure we can say they’re being lazy because they are capable of doing a better job. I know they have Vince telling them what to say but I’m sure they ad lib things.

      • Jbreed

        So Batista left the WWE because he was unhappy with the kid-friendly direction the WWE was taking and “there’s nothing kid-friendly about Dave Batista”. Those were his exact words. But yet hes decided to come back while the WWE is still the same PG rated product.. What a freakin’ hypocrite!

    • Venom

      You have to understand, him wanting to be champion is just a marketing thing. Nobody is gonna make a promo saying hey I want to come back to have fun, make money and put people over. He comes back to try and become champion and if he doesn’t win he puts someone over.

      Plus if you remember the way he left it wasn’t like Hulk Hogan having the owner begging him to stay. It wasn’t in a match where he needed a farewell speech and have everyone put him over. And it wasn’t like the way Brock Lesnar quitting because he didn’t want to put people over that his last match he flipped off the crowd. He was in a wheel chair, in a cast after getting beaten up the night before, he was whining like a baby and then storylines quit. In reality wasn’t his contract just up?

      He claimed he wasn’t coming back anytime soon cuz he didn’t like the PG era and that was a year after he left. It’s his point of view and who can disagree with him on that? The product sucked because of it. I don’t even think the word “ass” was used on wwe tv until The Rock came back. They can’t even say the word “suck it” anymore nor “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn.

      Finally, Batista did accomplish things he wanted to do that he couldn’t in WWE. He got his MMA match and I can’t say he loved it since his opponent was a last minute replacement he still won. I think he dropped a lot of weight to compete in a triathlon. He got a role in a movie that he’s returned for a short term that WWE will probably promote.

      • Bob’s Diner

        It is still the ‘PG Era’ though – so what has changed? He said it was difficult to get people to boo him against John Cena – that certainly hasn’t changed.

        I might be the only one, but I tend to lose respect for guys that go back on what they said just for a big fat paycheck from Vince McMahon. His role in Guardians of the Galaxy could lead to big things for him in the acting world and I would have respected him more if he had stuck to his guns

        • Venom

          The PG era hasnt changed but the rules seem to have bent for The Rock concerning his promos but either way it doesn’t matter since its not that Batista is a swearing promo guy anyways.

          But things have changed. When Batista left it was unheard of having a part time contract. Thats why Chris Jericho was gone for a long period of time and would come back for a year or 2 and leave. Then comes Brock Lesnar and more and more people are coming back for short term. RVD comes 90 days at a time, Chris Jericho comes for a few months and leaves. Now we can add Batista to the list.

    • Avalanchian

      I just simply don’t care for the character Albertoooo Del Taco Riooooooooo

  • Jon

    I never believed the Booker – Batista story until I took a wrestling seminar with Jay Lethal. When asked who the toughest wrestler he’d ever met (behind Samoa Joe) he said Booker T. Surprised me little as I just thought booker sat backstage doing spinaroonies.

  • Jbreed

    Most of us never really cared about ADR but we need to realize where he’s comg from here. He’s still a guy who the WWE relied on as a main eventer and pulling in the Latino fanbase. So maybe this twitter beef with Batista is his way of indirectly venting his frustrations to the WWE for bringing in part timers and retired wrestlers to steal his spot. Kudos to ASR.

  • proud

    So in summing up the highlight of this feud will be the referee or atleast that’s who’s in the ring getting my attention

  • Bob’s Diner

    I think ADR is hilarious. The guy has a history of riling up HHH and his boys – he obviously gets a kick out of it

  • Tim

    Wait didn’t Alberto get his a double crooked letter kicked by some drunk at a bar. Just wait til Batista clotheslines him. He’ll knock him into his own persona.

    • Ray

      You must’ve forgotten that Del Rio was an MMA competitor as well, and he didn’t fight a tomato can either. ADR could probably take Batista in a shoot fight.

    • Bob’s Diner

      ADR has an MMA record just a fraction better than Brock Lesnar’s. And he fought with his mask on – I could only imagine that would have hindered his vision a little

  • Clint

    LOL, Batista would whoop del rio, also to those that brought up riddick, he sucked in that movie, i like Batista, but dam, should have been like the rock in his first movie, grunts and speaking a language i dont understand

  • Lebron James

    Haha, I love Del Rio. Dude doesn’t give a f***!