Has Lesnar Lost Momentum?, Major Problems For TNA, Tough Enough Returning, WWE Releases

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Do you think Brock Lesnar has lost a lot of the momentum he gained by defeating the streak at Wrestlemania by not appearing on television since? WWE has always assumed the fans have short memory so I'd have thought they'd want to capitalize on it as quickly as possible before we stop caring.

I actually look at Brock Lesnar not having a program directly after beating Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30 as a good thing. Let me ask you a question. What program is going to be big enough for Lesnar after beating Undertaker at Wrestlemania? WWE now has a "Lesnar card" they can play when they're in need of a big boost, so they should hold it until the time is right. Extreme Rules is obviously going to be a letdown from Wrestlemania, all shows are, so it's a wise move. This is a situation where Lesnar actually benefits from being a part-time talent. While WWE relies on their audience having a short memory, no one is forgetting about Lesnar ending the streak anytime soon.

If Jeff Jarrett still owns good percentage of TNA but is about to start Global Force Wrestling, is this a problem for TNA and will it have any major affect?

Jeff Jarrett still owns 29% of TNA Wrestling and him starting his own promotion is a major problem. Jarrett already has a number of *his touches* that he had with TNA on the new product. Kevin Sullivan, former TNA producer is involved, Hermie Sadler is on the board and they've officially announced a working relationship with AAA in Mexico. It's not stopping there either as they want to tape TV at Universal Studios and are negotiating a national television contract. Last but certainly not least, Jarrett has a great relationship with a lot of the names TNA let walk, so there is a very good chance of GFW establishing a great roster right out of the gate (we listed 12 names here). TNA had enough problems before this and I can tell you with 100% certainty they were very worried about Jarrett teaming with Toby Keith to start another promotion.

Are the rumors true, is WWE Tough Enough returning?

Perhaps the most notable thing to come out of Thursday's WWE conference call with investors was that WWE Tough Enough is coming to WWE Network. Based on the way it was presented, I'm under the impression this is for a new season and not just repeats of past programming. The company announced the following new WWE original programming coming to WWE Network:

  • WWE Countdown Season 2
  • Monday Night War
  • WWE Tough Enough

Why is WWE in the process of releasing so much developmental talent?

We've confirmed 5 names released from their WWE developmental contracts, with the word going around that Sarah Bäckman actually requested her release. I see this as WWE releasing talent they do not have a clear path for to the main roster and are just making room to sign new talent. It's not uncommon this time of year nor is it anything surprising. Just because someone gets a developmental contract doesn't mean they're guaranteed a run on WWE TV. In fact, it's actually the opposite. Most workers won't make it to the main roster. It's a tough business and when one gets the call, they have to do everything they can with the opportunity.

From the Ask WNW vault…

February 2013: Does having pay-per-views like Elimination Chamber, Hell in a Cell and TLC hurt the prestige of the gimmick matches and cause them to lose luster? - No, I like the way WWE has handled their B-level pay-per-views with the gimmicks. I’m not a big fan of gimmick matches but when used correctly, they work. WWE has been able to integrate the gimmicks into their B-level shows, making them more meaningful and giving viewers a reason to order, without killing the gimmick matches themselves. They’ve done this by putting the gimmicks on one or two “main event” matches of the show but not making every bout on the card a gimmick. I do not feel the gimmicks should be completely exclusive to their respective pay-per-views as I would have no problem with a Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania. That was talked about for this year’s show but upon last check, they’ve decided against it.

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  • david

    TNA really should have just sold to Jarrett and Toby Keith when they had the chance. It would have allowed TNA to either rebuild credibility or evolve into something else. Demanding a talent contract for someone like Dixie when she is so out of place and unnecessary to the product is ridiculous. Selling gave them a great way to get out behind what has to be a poor investment at this point. Also there isn’t even any assurance that they will have a tv contract this fall since it could very well hinge on what WWE decides to do. Too many outside factors effect TNA’s business and that is a formula to eventually guarantee failure.

    The next program for Lesnar to be involved with is for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, which he ultimately should win. He is the logical choice for Bryan to eventually drop the belt to.

    Tough enough made for some great tv and is very entertaining. I don’t necessarily see it as a significant way to develop future stars (as the success it has had with that has been minimal with a few exceptions). But it’s exactly the kind of things that WWE needs to keep doing to continue to make the network a worthy investment.

    • opie

      If Lesnar doesn’t beat Bryan for the belts at Summerslam, something is wrong.

      • Tom Lee

        Lesnar will do that

  • Search4theYeti

    It’s great that there will be another promotion but can’t Jarret come up with better names then TNA and GFW?!?!?!?

  • David F

    it grinds my gears WWE keep using Tough Enough but they dont give the winners a chance. If WWE is serious about Tough Enough at least give the winner a punchers chance of making it to the roster

    • Mike McCarthy

      Last season they chose their stereotypical “big man” as their winner even though he was green as grass over the runner-up Luke who had charisma, in-ring ability, and a good look. To this day it still bothers me that they only just recently gave him a developmental contract yet they cut the winner about half a year into his contract.

      • opie

        Big Andy was at best the fourth-best guy on Tough Enough. Martin was easily the best. Jeremiah was green, but there was a lot of potential there. Luke . . . I didn’t like Luke very much. Better than Andy, though.

  • Rachel Miller

    When a WWE talent does make it to the main roster, does that mean that they can’t be released as a result of Triple H’s “don’t fire anyone” policy?

  • DW

    I wonder if J.J will ever sell his percentage and if/when he does will that be the sign of the end?

    Oh and on Brock…I don’t think anyone…including Richard gets that no one cares about Brock. As a heel or other wise. Paul Heyman can reapeat it all day, but all heis doing is hurting Cesearo. People are uninterested in Brock, when he came back sure…but his time is up. No one in the audience respects Brock…they didn’t think he was worthy and still don’t. I bet you are gunna expect a lot of heat for him from the crowd when he gets back…but he will get the same casual boo he always gets. Brock…like Batista was great but now I kind of get the feel that they are just past relics that are just hanging out.

    • David

      Lesnar brings legitimacy to the product which it has been lacking. Rusev is another example of someone who could eventually bring legitimacy. They need to focus on doing things to parts of it that can be taken more seriously. That will improve the product. Time limits, more rules being enforced, etc.

    • opie

      Undertaker thought he was worthy, soooo there’s that.

      • DW

        I think Taker is out of touch too man :-/ I’m sure that sounds like sacrilege but that’s how I feel.

        Legitimacy? Really? Now hear me out. If you were not from this world and you were introduced to legit sports in this order football, basketball, boxing, UFC, Pro Wrestling…legitimacy is the farthest thing WWE is looking for at this point. They are looking for control…I can compare WWE to an arcade that makes you put money in a machine for tokens…now you may not spend all those tokens but you can’t use those tokens anywhere else (control buddy). WWE wants that kind of control, not legitimacy.

        I mean you got that big ass titantron up there, and someone interferes…that ref can’t look at a replay? That would make it legit…possible too legit to quite. I personally don’t care either way, I’m really digging the direction they are going, streak could have ended better…but we move on…Punk could come back…but we move on. I have to respect Takers decisions but I don’t have to like it.

        • monty

          brock matters man and now he matters more. just because few of us in IWC don’t like him doesn’t change the fact he is a huge star

    • Guest

      Brock and Batista are good at what they do…for being heels. They are entertaining and I personally like their fighting style…especially Lesnar.

  • ldb

    I know its a cascade of factors but when TNA folds I rest the blame mostly on Dixie. She has no business on tv. I know she has gotten somewhat better, but they have allowed Hogan, Bischoff, and others to drain and ruin a company that could of had a chance to be something. They tried to do to much too fast, and became the cheap clone of WWE instead of just being TNA a great alternative.

  • Robert Olley

    I’ve a feeling tna will try and get gfw in a similar situation they had with roh years ago. But hopefully jarrett will build a good company and we can have some wwe competition in a few years wishful thinking i know