Update On The Outcome Of Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk At SummerSlam & Rumored Finishes, Top WWE Star Needs Time Off, Vince McMahon's Next Corporate Champion Is...

The Outcome of Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk

We're told there is still no definitive plan for the ending of Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk at WWE SummerSlam, which of course is just over a week away. The match was originally scheduled to main event the show, however, the talk now is that WWE Champion John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan will close the show. Suggested finishes for Punk vs. Lesnar have included a double count out and outside interference.

The bout really books WWE into a corner because it's lose/lose for either Lesnar or Punk to go under. One observer notes that no finish can be ruled out, no matter how "stupid" or "far fetched."

John Cena Needs Time Off?

John Cena's elbow is getting worse by the match and it doesn't help that he takes the majority of his bumps "elbow first." At this point the smartest thing to do is to get it fixed after SummerSlam so he doesn't have to miss a big pay-per-view. I can't confirm there are any plans for him to do so as Cena is always reluctant to take time off and is a self-proclaimed workaholic.

Vince McMahon's Next Corporate Champion

The rumblings about Randy Orton becoming Vince McMahon's next "corporate champion" continue, with the obvious twist that Orton goes full heel. Whether or not this happens at SummerSlam remains to be seen but it is worth noting he's not on the card yet.

  • Winnipeg

    I think Undertaker making a supprise appearance & interfering in the Brock & Punk match would make sense. And not just a cheap interference I mean Undertaker just gives it to Brock.
    It would set that match up for Wrestlemania and Undertaker would still get paid for not putting his body through a gruling match.
    But they don’t want to waist money on an unannounced appearance even though the higher the build up the bigger the pay off.

  • amaanakter

    I hope that the Punk/Lesnar match main events the show i feel like the Bryan feud has dominated RAW in the past few weeks even though I am happy for Bryan’s success more importance should be placed on the Lesnar/Punk feud

    • Nick K

      Absolutely not, the title is more important.

      • amaanakter

        I understand that giving the title more importance is a top priority im just saying that i personally feel like this feud has been given more time and placed at more important parts of the program in terms of viewers

    • Matt

      A one on one singles match in athe WWE vs a match for the WWE TITLE? Idiot.

  • Xavier

    Ending the show with anything other then Cena/Bryan would be an injustice. Sorry Punk/Lesnar but the build/hype for Cena/Bryan has been a lot better. And then of course there are so many possible ways or swerves you can end this match on which have all been discussed on here by most of us already. The build for Punk/Lesnar just hasn’t been all that great in recent weeks with Lesnar gone half the time.

    Cena getting time off is long overdue, I cannot emphasize that enough. People love to throw around the term “workhorse” a lot but there is no bigger workhorse in the WWE then John Cena and there’s no one on the roster even close. The time & energy that this man puts into this company is freaking incredible, it’s amazing that his body has been able to hold up for so long. If anyone deserves a break it’s Cena for sure, and it would give his skeptics a break from him as well and maybe even a chance to DARE I SAY THIS, MISS HIM. Anyone remember the Royal Rumble 2008 in Madison Square Garden? When Cena’s music hit even the biggest of Cena haters marked out for that.

    • Gary Robert

      The build has been better with Cena/Bryan with just some mic work as opposed to two episodes of all out battle between Punk/Lesnar? I dunno about that.

      • Xavier

        I would say so easily. Lesnar/Punk has greatly suffered from Lesnar not being there half the time. The build between Cena & Bryan has been great. Then you have the whole HHH/McMahon thing on the side along with the threat of Orton cashing in. There are so many interesting ways to end this match and so many different dynamics. And those all out battles you refer to; well one of those was Lesnar tossing Punk around like a rag doll and the 2nd encounter was kind of weak, Curtis Axel’s involvement took a lot away from the segment. Axel shouldn’t be within One Hundred Million miles of this feud. I don’t care if he’s Heyman guy or not he adds nothing of value to Punk/Lesnar.

    • John

      Regarding the build up to both matches.. Just look (or listen) to the crowd reactions. Punk/Lesnar is easily generating the bigger reaction from the live audience.

      • Xavier

        That’s not even close to being true. Cena/Bryan has been getting better reactions. And I’m pretty sure if you polled people over on wwe.com that most people are most looking forward to the possibility of Bryan winning the title.

        • Cubed56

          I agree the build has been better for cena/Bryan, but the crowd reaction goes to punk/lesnar. I only say this cause I was at raw live in Green Bay last Monday, and the crowd was much more electric during the punk lesnar segment then any Bryan or cena part of the show. However even though having in person fact involving fan reaction, I agree cena/Bryan has to close the show at SS.


    if they do double count out or outside interference than there should be a re-match aka Hell In A Cell.

  • Justin Lal

    The Miz will interfere in the Punk/Lensar match causing his heel turn which will lead to a fall program with Miz/Punk. The last “Host” of a PPV interjected himself in a big match, so I don’t see that changing. Punk needs a long feud to hold him over after Summerslam until early 2014.

    • Nick K

      That’s actually a pretty good point.

  • thepowerserge

    Another 3rd generation “Corporate Champion?” How original. I’d much prefer Daniel Bryan as the Corporate champion, personally.

  • John

    Whoever aligns themselves with Vince McMahon, i would assume will end up being Triple H’s WrestleMania opponent next year.