Full Details On Brock Lesnar Meeting With Dana White Backstage At UFC 146 - Is Lesnar Really Leaving WWE To Return To The UFC Or Did He & Vince McMahon Work Dana White In An Angle That Has Grown To Massive Proportions?

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As I reported yesterday, WWE and Vince McMahon were 100% aware of Brock Lesnar attending UFC 146 in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Not only that, it's believed the entire thing was orchestrated as an angle to sell Lesnar "quitting" the company. Here's how it all went down.

WWE Champion CM Punk brought an idea to company management that if they really wanted to sell the angle that Brock "quit" to send him to the UFC show and have him text Dana White and request a meeting. Remember, Vince McMahon was so determined to get it out there that Brock had quit, it's believed he orchestrated Lesnar's "backstage meltdown" after Extreme Rules to get reports out there he was leaving.

A little less than two weeks ago Lesnar sent Dana a text and requested and meeting and told him to keep it "on the DL." Not only did White not keep his mouth shut, he made sure that Lesnar was shown on the pay-per-view broadcast. Lesnar told White he wanted to meet face-to-face after the show. Lesnar wasn't sure he was going to be shown on television but wanted people to know he was backstage to meet with White. He wanted the word spreading that he legitimately wanted to return to the octagon and had actually quit WWE.

Given the fact Brock was shown on the pay-per-view broadcast and White talked about it in the post-show press conference, the entire thing got more exposure than anyone thought (or in WWE's case, had hoped for). Once White realized he had been worked, he put the word out that his meeting with Lesnar didn't go well. There was a plan in place for Brock to tell Dana he wanted another fight against Frank Mir but McMahon would have to OK it, which is where a quote surfaced where White said Lesnar can work for both companies.

In conclusion, Dana White is trying to not look like he got egg on his face but everything worked better than planned from WWE's standpoint. It's believed Paul Heyman was the mastermind behind the angle where he used Punk, who he is close friends with and who has considerable backstage stroke, to get it all in motion.

  • StephenSnel

    Wow a master plan from WWE that actually worked! I find it cool when we learn WWE's intentions and they are actually very well done. I can just picture Vince's face when all of this actually worked for him. That big grin of his. I'm just impressed that they went this far with it and it played out perfectly.

    • havoc525

      Shows Heyman IS a genius in this business. TNA lost out by going with Hogan and Bischoff and not pulling out all the stops for Heyman.

  • gibbons08

    The best thing they can do to keep the story line going is not mention Lesnar’s appearance or his meeting with Dana White on Raw tonight, but I’m sure they will!

  • Michael

    In the words of hall of famer Ron Simmons "DAMN!"