Lex Luger To Attend Inaugural TNA Hall Of Fame Ceremony; Full Details Revealed

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TNA Wrestling has officially announced Lex Luger will be one of the "featured guests" as part of the inaugural TNA Hall Of Fame Celebration inducting Sting.

The induction ceremony will be held on Saturday, October 13, 2012 from the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort at 8 PM. Guests include Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter, AJ Styles, Mike Tenay and Luger.

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  • StephenSnel23

    TNA hasn’t been around long enough to have its own HOF. It takes more than 1 decade to have enough star power to start one. Plus who knows if they’ll even be around in the next three years. There’s been no word on a new financial backer and going live has not solved their rating issues. A lot of work has to be done if they want to stay afloat for years to come.

    • Theyre inducting sting, whos been wrestling for DECADES.

      • Stephen

        Yes but he deserves to be inducted into the WWE HOF, Even tho he never wrestled in E, they still induct wrestlers who have earned it. TNA has zero credibility to be having a HOF, this is their 10th year and havent done anything to improve themselves.

  • ThisGuy

    Look at TNA trying to be like WWE once again by trying to have a Hall of Fame ceremony on their biggest PPV event. It’s too early for them to have a Hall of Fame anyway.

  • hurrigame

    Luger attending the TNA Hall of Shame? Wow!

  • DoJo

    I find it kinda sad that TNA would even try to have a HOF………. Even though WWE has a HOF it does extend to all/most wrestlers regardless of promotion – four horseman, the butcher, von erichs (excluding Kerry) etc and the only people omitted seem to have had personal issues with VKM which is a shame 🙁 Sting, The Hardys, Kurt Angle will all one day be WWE HOF’s as they deserve it & the WWE recognise that! The only people who deserve to be in TNA’s are Jeff Jarrett & Sting………. In that order!!!!!!

  • ted

    STING does not have a "beef" with vince mcmahon. he just never worked for him.

    sting was making good money in wcw all those years and when wcw folded sting was 42 years old and he sat home collecting his money on turner's contract instead of going to wwe.

    in wwe, he would have to do houseshows etc and prove himself plus vince was NEVER going to put a wcw talent over guys like taker, austin, rock etc.

    in tna he gets six figure money for little to no work and all the shows are usually at the impact zone in orlando so he has little travel issues.

    now sting is 53 and too old to ever go to wwe so tna honoring him for giving their second rate company some relevance is justified.

    • Mario

      Very good comment it`s accurate , informative and I totally agree with you .

  • tngbeard

    With Sting in the TNA HoF, when Vince buys them out eventually for their digital library, will Sting automatically be in the WWE HoF???

  • TheJoker

    Wwe’s HoF is kind if a joke to me, the out NONE wrestlers in there before ACTUAL wrestlers. I’m not even gonna bother with names, either way to each there own if there wasn’t some kind of competition then the INE company would just go stale. Wrestling was biggest and had some od the best match/storylined when wcw and wwe went head to head in the Monday night wars.