Lex Luger Working With WWE, Where's Maven Now?, WWE Night At Cavs Game

- Lex Luger recently stated in a media interview that he has an informal relationship with WWE where he offers council to the younger guys. He said he tells the guys all the things you don't want to do.

- Former WWE Tough Enough winner Maven Huffman is now working as a bouncer at a sports bar in New York City. MMA writer Ariel Helwani ran into him and Tweeted the following:

- The Cleveland Cavaliers are promoting WWE night for their January 22, 2014 game against the Chicago Bulls. According to the team, they will feature activities on the concourse, in-game elements and special guest appearances by current superstars. (Thanks to WNW reader Pietro Giampa for sending this in.)

  • smark calloway

    last i heard about maves he was working on a home shopping channel selling fitness goods or something. then he went to rehab for painkiller addiction

  • jd

    sad i thought henwas a good wrestler i liked him wish his run was longer