Lilian Health Update, CM Punk On "Talking Dead," Lawler On "Inside Edition," Sparse Attendance At WWE Raw

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- Lilian Garcia continues to rehab her neck and back after being struck by a car in Los Angeles on Friday, October 26, 2012. She has not been cleared to fly but did participate in a live chat on dot com during Survivor Series on Sunday night.

- WWE Champion CM Punk is scheduled to appear on AMC's "Talking Dead" on Sunday. The show proceeds "The Walking Dead" with actors and fans discussing the series. Click here for more information.

- Jerry Lawler's heart attack on the September 10th episode of WWE Raw will be covered on Wednesday's episode of "Inside Edition." Dr. Michael Sampson was interviewed for the piece.

- As we noted in the WWE Superstars spoilers, the attendance at this week's WWE Raw taping in Dayton, Ohio is very sparse with large portions of the building tarped off.

  • Kleck

    Is this what it’ll take to get some quality creative decisions injected into RAW?

    • Ellen

      WWE creative has no idea – they're killing the WWE universe. VKM/HHH – how much more of a reality check do you need?

  • dave

    -marks out for Punk on the Talking Dead-

  • Matt

    They gotta stop with the Lawler incident. I understand it's great that everywhere from Fox News to ESPN and all in between have covered it. PR is good. But they keep beating it, plays down how serious it really was.

  • Jeffrey Turner

    There is no way you can play down a person dieing and then comeing back from it. I speak from personal experience. It’s a life changing event for everyone it happens to.